Xbox One Price Drop for Consoles & Bundles

As Black Friday and holiday shopping arrive in 2014, the Microsoft Xbox One deals will be ones to watch closely. Microsoft has recently announced that Xbox One bundles will sold for $50 price drop for the month of November and December. The drop will begin on Sunday, Nov. 2 and will run until January 3rd of 2015. The shift will bring the price of the entry level Xbox One basic package down to $349 at selective major retailers like Amazon, Gamestop, Target and Walmart (Update: Walmart has Xbox One for $349 starting on Saturday 11/1 for their sale).

The Xbox One sale will also include various bundle packages consisting of the console with Kinect, as well as games and/or accessories. For Microsoft XBOX consoles bundled with games, you might expect to get titles such as Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare limited edition, the White Sunset Overdrive bundle, Assassin’s Creed bundle, which includes Unity and Black Flag.

For Microsoft, this seems like a sound strategy to boost Xbox sale during the holiday shopping season. In terms of salse revenue, the Xbox One is competing against the likes of Sony’s Playstation 4, as well as Wii U by Nintendo. With a popular title like SMASH BROS there’s always a risk to pull back the rank of Microsoft. Microsoft slashing its price is likely to boost the sales of their consoles and the overall ranking of the product.

The sophomore year of a release tends to be the most challenging year for consoles. While the games are advanced in terms of graphics and gameplay, they may not be exactly what users expect from second generation consoles, right away at least.

Xbox 360 was a winner in the previous generation, but if we take a look at the second year of Xbox 360, it had Dead Rising, Gears of War, Mass Effect and Bioshock still on the horizon and there was no Halo, which turned out to be the biggest mistake. The company is hoping now with a reduced price, more parents will be likely to pick up the system for their kids. With Black Friday shopping sales and deals, it’s likely stores will offer extra incentives with bundle packages. In the past, some retailers offered gift cards along with video game console bundles, so that could happen again for 2014.

The Microsoft Xbox One is an excellent video game system and offers more than just video game playability. It’s also a fully-functional entertainment/media center. It can be used to store digital content and play back MP3’s or movies/videos as well as photos. In addition, it’s Blu-ray drive will play back Blu-ray movie discs in hi-definition. That’s not a bad investment altogether for a family to have a video game system and entertainment console all packed into one nice device!

So how will Microsoft fare in offering this reduced discount on their next generation gaming system? Will this lead to a huge spike in holiday sales? Also, will Sony respond by knocking down the price of their popular PlayStation 4 consoles and bundles? Stay tuned to Holiday Gift Nation as we’ll bring you any of the latest sales and deals!

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