Xbox One Game Console Specs, Price & Availability

Experts are of the firm opinion that the new Microsoft Xbox One video game console has plenty of great features for gaming, entertainment and online interactivity.  Many of the experts who have attended the demo of this gadget are surprised by its next generation graphics and processing speed, as well as the device’s quiet nature.  In this Microsoft Xbox One review, we’ll provide you details on the specifications, price, release date availability and major games on the way for this item which appears on the latest Toys R Us hot holiday toys list.

Xbox One Video Game ConsoleXbox One Specs & Features:

Above the half-point in the console, there is a huge air-vent. The main hardware is also in the upper portion of the Xbox One. Microsoft has confidently increased the processor speed to 1.75 GHz and the GPU speed to 853MHz, for faster gaming than before.

Every Microsoft Xbox One review points out the fact that the raw horsepower of the Xbox One is less than that of PS4 because there are 12 compute units in the former whereas in the latter, it is 18. The processor used in Xbox One is an eight-core, 64-bit, X86 AMD processor, that is the same as that of PS4.

For those who carefully study the Xbox One specs, you will appreciate the fact that the HDMI input of Xbox One is a big positive point of this gadget. Instant flicking from Live TV to gaming is a great advantage. You can focus on other functions like Skype, web browsing, etc. also even when you are watching your favorite TV shows.

Microsoft is committed to providing cloud-computing services for supporting the Xbox One console. Another area where this can score better than its competing products is its controller. The controller of this console is brilliant because of its excellent design. Several great improvements have been made in it.

Other important Xbox One features are that the pad of this gadget is smooth, it accepts AA batteries and you can opt for a rechargeable nimh battery pack so that you can play and charge also. Since charging it with Micro USB is also possible, charges of smartphones can also be used.

Xbox One Controller


(Above: Microsoft Xbox One wireless controller)

The fine texture of the sticks of the controls around their edges helps you in keeping your thumbs safely on the sticks. The smooth and circular motions of the d-pad are also very good. The controller has been designed in such a manner that the bumpers as well as the triggers have got very well integrated into it. So, you can comfortably hold the controller for using it.

You can now get micro-feedback also in your individual triggers because of the addition of its own rumble system into this device. So, you can have all types of rumble effects like the road-rumble, rumbles of individual gunshots, and other effects while playing various game titles on the new console.

The new Kinect is a huge technological leap for both gaming and entertainment/media centers. Its 3x resolution has very high capabilities because of the depth-based sensor in it. This sensor can pick up even small details like the creases in clothes or on individual fingers. Added to this feature is the 1080p HD colour picture and the IR sensor that can filter out all the visible sources of light. So, you need not worry about the changes in the light conditions.

The capabilities of the sensor are so good that it can create a virtual skeleton. So, precise tracking of the motion as well as the stance is possible. It is also possible to pick your heart rates with the help of this sensor. The sensor studies the fluctuations in the color, expressions, etc. of your face and observes if you are fully engaged in the game or getting diverted.

Xbox One Games on the Way:

Xbox One Games

As per a Microsoft Xbox One review, the big games that can be played on Xbox One at present include titles such as Call of Duty Ghosts (pictured above), Forza 5, RYSE, Killer Instinct and the Dead Rising. There’s plenty more titles on the way from major game manufacturers, with an exclusive-new Halo title set to be released as well.  View the latest Xbox One games here.

Xbox One Price & Release Date:

Xbox One has a release date of November 22, 2013 in many countries including the United States. Its price will be $499.99 US for the standard console with controller.  There are also special bundle packages available.  Pre-orders are being accepted by Amazon, Blockbuster, Walmart, Target and and Zavvi.   We expect that when these arrive in stores this fall and holiday shopping season, they’ll be tough to keep in stock.

For pre-orders, specs and availability online, you can see more details here at about the new game console.

Xbox One Video Demo/Overview:

The new Xbox One features plenty of great features for those who enjoy gaming or overall entertainment.  With it’s improved specs and handling, the device will be able to provide plenty of entertainment value for the whole family with movies, music, videos, photos, social media, and of course, the video games.  In this video below, a hands-on look at the next generation console is displayed.  Check out more of the Toys R Us hottest holiday toys list to see what else made the top 15 with Xbox this year!

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