When is Mother’s Day 2012 in the US? Dates for 2013 to 2017

So when is Mother’s Day 2012 in the USA? This is a popular question because so many boys, girls, men and women want to get their moms the perfect gift for that special holiday. It’s a great day to show appreciation for mothers all over the world!  So what day is Mother’s Day?  The holiday always takes place on the second Sunday in the month of May.  It has for many years now, but time moves fast and we often forget it’s coming up!

In the United States, Mother’s Day 2012 will fall on Sunday, May 13th. On this day, you can do something special for your mom, such as making her breakfast, or taking her out to eat. Many people love to give their mom a beautiful arrangement of flowers, or a gift basket full of candy, or fruit. Others will give Mother’s Day gifts as a sign of appreciation.

It is believed that Mother’s Day was first established in the early 1900’s.  Originally it was a day used to commemorate the death of Anne Jarvis.  In 1910, Mother’s Day was adopted by the state of West Virginia first, and then other states followed suit in adopting this special day.  President Woodrow Wilson even honored the holiday in 1914 by asking people to honor mothers of soldiers who died by showing their American Flags proudly on display.

Mother’s Day is a day of special recognition, to honor your mom and let her know how important and special she’s been to you.  It’s very important to mark your calendars and plan ahead of time, as Mother’s Day seems to approach quicker each year.  You want to make sure you have a gift, flowers, card or other plans prepared for this day.  The holiday always takes place in May, so here’s a look at the Mother’s Day dates in the next several years!

Mother’s Day Date for 2013 to 2017

Mother’s Day 2013 is Sunday, May 12th
Mother’s Day 2014 is Sunday, May 11th
Mother’s Day 2015 is Sunday, May 10th
Mother’s Day 2016 is Sunday, May 8th
Mother’s Day 2017 is Sunday, May 14th

You now know when Mother’s Day is for the next several years from 2013, 2014 all the way up through 2017.  It’s very unlikely these dates will change as the years go forth.  Mark these dates down in your planner or on your calendars online so you’ll make sure to give your mom a call, an email, card, flowers, or gift on that special day!

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