When is Black Friday 2015 online and in stores?

when is black friday this year

Customers everywhere are wondering when is Black Friday 2015 for online or sales in stores? The huge shopping day arrives each year and provides some major savings on a lot of great items from toys to clothing from jewelry and appliances to electronics gadgets. Customers will be looking to pick up low-priced items including smartphones, hi-definition televisions, laptop computers, tablets, video game systems and more. Therefore it’s important to keep this day marked off on your calendar because some stores online or in the real world could have their best deals saved up for then.

The Black Friday shopping event used to be linked with just one day and that was in November. It meant customers camping outside of stores that would open early morning on a Friday after Thanksgiving. Many of the stores opened as early as 5 or 6 a.m. in the morning, but since then, the sales event has grown to encompass much more than that. It’s become a month-long event of savings in terms of online and in store sales!

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For 2015, the actual sales day falls on the Friday directly after Thanksgiving, so it will be on November 27th, 2015. Of course that is just one day that has been earmarked as Black Friday each year, based on the past day of sales events. Many online retailers have started to roll out their big sales earlier in the month of November. Among them have been Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, Target and more. That gives customers more incentive to shop online and avoid the huge crowds on the actual Black Friday sales day.

Of course some customers just can’t get enough of the big day and will camp out in lines as early as Thanksgiving night. Some stores actually open that day or night too, giving a real world extension to the big sales day. So while there may be an actual date for Black Friday, it really could extend to the entire month of November!

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