Superhero Halloween Costumes for Men

In today’s world, having costumes is quite important especially for those who go to Halloween costume parties or big movie premiers. Men who are looking for a special costume who want to be known for their great costumes need to think about choosing the right outfit to make their appearance complete and stylish. There are so many costumes available. A popular men’s costume idea are superhero costumes. These costumes are iconic and easily recognizable. [Read more…]

Sexy Superhero Halloween Costumes for Women

Many women enjoy dressing up for Halloween, and sexy superhero costumes are always a huge hit. Not only do men love superheros, but women also love them, and often these costumes can be the stuff fantasies are made of. The following are several popular costumes of the sexy superhero variety. Which one will you wear this year for Halloween? [Read more…]

Disney Brave Halloween Costumes

A lot of young girls love to dress up as princesses. One of the best times for them to dress up as a favorite character is during Halloween because a lot of people dress up regardless of their age. In addition, there are plenty of costumes available to buy at this time of the year. Nobody is exempted from the fun that Halloween brings and the best part is being able to be someone that you want to be. Disney Brave Halloween costumes will be huge this year for little princesses. [Read more…]

Angry Birds Halloween Costume Ideas 2011

Angry Birds is not only a hit smartphone app, it is also a hit costume idea for Halloween 2011. The great news is that there are Angry Birds costumes available for babies, kids and adults. Your entire family could dress up as your favorite video game characters this year. Plus, what could be better for a cranky baby than a cranky bird costume?

Angry Birds Halloween CostumeWhile the costume will be popular this Halloween, it will be a refreshing change from the ghosts, vampires and witches people usually turn to for their parties and trick or treating. The cute angry birds costumes range between $25 and $50 each depending on what size and type you want.

With Halloween just a few short weeks away, now is the time to place your order for one of these brightly colored character costumes. Is anybody in your family planning to dress up as one of these cranky characters for Halloween 2011? If you don’t want to wear the full-body outfit, you can also just purchase Angry Birds masks, which people will obviously recognize too.

First Day of Fall 2011

The first day of fall 2011 is around the corner. On Friday, September 23, the seasons will change. To mark the occasion, both day and night will consist of 12 hours that day. Also, you may remember balancing an egg on its end when you were a child in school? This is one of the fun experiments to try on the autumnal equinox.

The weather will start feeling cooler, the leaves will change and people will enjoy a time of fall harvest in addition to football games. The fact that things will finally cool off will be a huge relief to the areas of the U.S. that experienced such high heat this summer. Just a couple of official days left, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be an Indian Summer sometime in October. Even if there is, it will be much better than July and August were for much of the U.S. Midwest.

This is often the date that people start decorating for Halloween and buying those fun Halloween costumes. What are you doing to celebrate the first day of fall 2011? Are you happy to bid the summer of 2011 farewell?

Labor Day 2011: Are Post Offices and Banks Closed?

Monday is Labor Day 2011. Summer is quickly coming to an end, and now the workers in the United States get to celebrate with a three day weekend. Many people take advantage of the extra time to do some shopping at Labor Day sales or they head away for one last mini vacation at the lake or the shore.

Because Monday is an official Federal holiday, banks and post offices will be closed on September 5, 2011. Many other Federal offices like Social Security will also close. Other businesses close too in order to give their employees the day off. Schools and other state and municipal offices will be closed in most cities as well.

One thing you can count on for Labor Day is that retail stores will be open trying to get you to spend the fruits of your labor on their discounted wares. Also, most restaurants stay open too because people get hungry when they are shopping or trying to relax, and nobody wants to cook at home unless it is on the grill, which is why most grocery stores are open too. Car dealerships will also likely be open, but it will be tough to get a loan because the banks will be closed.

Enjoy your day off on Monday! Happy Labor Day.

7 Best Female Halloween Costume Ideas

There are an almost overwhelming number of female costume ideas for Halloween. If you are looking to dress up as something different than usual this year, check out the seven best Halloween costume ideas for women below: [Read more…]

Unique, Modern Vampire Costume Ideas For Women

Vampire costumes are always a Halloween favorite, but with the popularity of Twilight, True Blood and other vampire stories, they are all the rage. There are many options ranging from classic, old school vampires to new, sexy vampires like Pam from True Blood. There are plenty of ideas for unique and sexy vampire costume. [Read more…]


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