Twilight Vampire Halloween Costumes Ideas for Kids & Adults

The continued popularity of the “Twilight” movies has lead to a variety of kids and adults wanting to be Jacob, Edward and Bella.  The vampire characters portrayed in the movies have really spawned some cool looks for October’s big holiday.  We have a look here at some of the latest “Twilight” vampire Halloween costumes for kids and adults for the upcoming holiday!
Bella Vamp Adult Costume

Bella Swan is portrayed by actress Kristen Stewart in “The Twilight Saga.” While she wasn’t a vampire in the first few films, there is the Bella Vamp Adult Costume on the market selling at costume sites like BuyCostumes. It features a long sleeve ruffle hem knit dress with satin waist and red ribbon. A mini top hat and lined cape with collar complete the look. Other Bella Swan theme costumes are being sold at eBay auction site which include various outfits Bella wore during the “Twilight Saga” movies.

Love At First Bite Adult Wig

For males, Edward Cullen is the pale-faced vampire who sinks his teeth in and draws blood from his victims. He’s also the guy who has girls swooning so this makes a great costume idea for male adults and kids. Buy Costumes is selling the Love At First Bite Adult Wig (pictured) to give males that Robert Pattinson “Twilight” hair style. Simply look at his outfits in the films to follow suit with his clothing. This could be as simple as a charcoal gray overcoat and darker black or grey t-shirt underneath, along with dark pants. Or order the special Vampire coat for adults along with the Edward wig. Make sure to use the pale face makeup and fangs for extra effect!

Expect vampires to continue to be big for this coming Halloween and beyond. The “Twilight” stars have really pushed these two characters into the mainstream, making many want to emulate them. “Twilight” vampire Halloween costumes make a great idea for those kids and adults going out as couples for October 31st as well!


Need more Halloween costume ideas?  Check out the great selection of Halloween Costumes currently available which includes all sorts of vampires, ghouls, goblins and Halloween goodies!

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