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Boo! Halloween is right around the corner!

The time for the heroes, ghouls, ghosts, lost souls and goblins to creep out of their hiding places has come, as Halloween arrives once again! All through October 31st, creatures and characters will be out and about. There are plenty of movie heroes, villains and other concepts taking the holiday costume scene by storm this year. Halloween will let you dress up and feel like the mighty heroes, and make it your night of fun and excitement.

For your costume needs, we highly recommend which currently offers discounts on many costumes or accessories and head-to-toe looks that will amaze everyone. Now, let’s check out the top Halloween costumes for 2014 for kids, men and women!

Top Kids Halloween Costumes

As with many years past, the Halloween costumes for kids this year that are popular come from Disney movies, TV shows and popular superheroes. Some of the kids Halloween costumes that will lead the streets include the following:

• Elsa from Disney’s Frozen

Elsa Halloween costume for girls
She is a lead character in the Frozen movie, and she is expected to be a top Halloween character this year. Having the icy powers, to be able to change anything to ice, she will make your young girl feel like the heroine herself. The costume will come with a bright blue dress that shimmers and it is accompanied by an absolute tiara that has gold and prints snowflakes. (View costume details)

• Rocket Racoon Costume

Rocket Raccoon Halloween costume
The professional tactician and marksman of the Guardians of the Galaxy, who is also a Racoon, will be a great choice for your boy. Being one of the Galaxy Guardians, the Racoon is meant to be the hero, and your boy will feel like the hero himself. The costume will mostly come in a 1-piece jumpsuit and sleeves that are faux far. There is also a removable tail and a plastic face mask to give your boy the real look of a Racoon. (View costume details here)

• Pink Power Ranger Costume

Pink Power Ranger costume for girls
This is another superhero character that has the famous pink color. The costume will therefore come in a jumpsuit that is pink in color and a pirate logo on its front. There is also a belt that is detachable and a character mask that is pink. (See full costume details here)

• Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

TMNT Raphael costume for Halloween
These are one of the top kids’ heroes that cannot miss in in the kids Halloween costumes. You can give your boy the turtle power with any of the Ninja Turtles. The costumes come in a green jumpsuit and show covers, along with details printed all over. There is also a brown wrap and a shell underbelly, to complete the general Turtle look. The face mask wraps it all with cut outs in the eyes to make it more tailored. (View TMNT Costumes)

Other popular costumes for kids this Halloween are likely to include Darth Vader from Star Wars, Starlord from “Guardians of the Galaxy,” and Captain America from The Avengers.

Top Women’s Halloween Costumes

Women are never left out in any event, and are most usually in search of clever, creative, fun or sexy Halloween costumes. Some of the women’s Hallowen costumes are movie characters in 2014, while some are all-time classics. Here are the top Halloween costumes for women in 2014 that many party goers will want to consider.

• Mrs. Incredible Costume

Mrs Incredible costume
The super Mrs. Incredible is prepared to go out for whichever mission. The costume features and black ad red jumpsuit that is stretchy, with the logo “I”. Dressing in this costume of the Pixar heroine will make you feel like you are on a tight mission this Halloween. (View Mrs. Incredible costume)

• Spider Girl Bodysuit Costume

Spider Girl Halloween Costume
Everyone is used to the common spiderman costume, but this Halloween, you can surprise your man and your friends by showing up in a Spider Girl outfit for the Halloween celebrations. This is a sexy piece that fits perfectly on the body and it has the signature blue and red theme colors. Show your support of the web-slinging hero with this super sexy look! (View Spider Girl costume here)

• Catwoman Costume

Catwoman Halloween costume
This dark uniform will make you a heroine this Halloween. People are all aware of the Catwoman character, but the slimming design of the jumpsuit will kill it this Halloween. The costume is a stretch that has a zip on its front, making it even sexier. It is best accompanied by a faux leather boot that are thigh high. (View full Catwoman costume)

• Maleficent Costume

Maleficient Halloween costume
Angelina Jolie pulled it off in this 2014 movie and after its success, it is such a great piece to select this Halloween. Feel the wrath of the betrayed heroine and step out with an elegant costume. The horned headpiece will make it a kicker. (View costume details here)

• Wonder Woman Costume

Wonder Woman costume for women
You won’t expect the American comic queen of fights to miss in the top women’s Halloween costumes. The attire is All-American and it is almost the female version of the Captain America, which came after the legendary Wonder Woman. She is out there to fight crime, and you can dress in this amazing costume and make the bag guys to be afraid of your ability. (View Wonder Woman costumes)

Top Men’s Halloween Costumes

The men are also never left out in any Halloween event, and as a matter of fact, they are there to ensure that the show gets deeper and more interesting. This year, some new costumes will be worn by men around, and all of them are inspired by movie heroes. Some of the top men’s Halloween costumes for 2014 include the following;

• The Joker from The Dark Knight Rises

The Joker costume for Men
The common face of infamous comic book and movie villain The Joker can never fade away. He is out there to cause havoc in Gotham City and to provoke Batman. Once you get the right person to do the makeup and do your hair in the right way, you will be the next joker at your Halloween party. Ensure you have the green and purple outfit similar to The Dark Knight Rises costume found at

• Dark Knight Batman Costume

The Dark Knight Rises costume
A villain can ever be in a place without the real hero. For that, the new version of Batman is a great costume for this Halloween. You can dress in a customized suit, with the Iconic Bat logo, or buy a nice, muscle-costume at one of the stores online. The Batman character is out to protect the city and keep the Joker away. Taking some photos with a joker in the party is not a bad idea too. (View Batman costumes here)

• Khal Drogo Costume

Khal Drogo costume accessories
The Game of Thrones hero features in the 2014 top me’s Halloween costumes. If you need to wear this costume, you must ensure that you have the muscles and that you grow a nice beard. If you have long hair, it will make the best look. Ensure the paint on the body are done perfectly. Start the look with this Arm and Wrist Guard accessory and add more items to complete the costume such as the Warrior Drogo pants here.

An alternate costume from Game of Thrones is of course Jon Snow, which uses a number of accessories you can find such as this dark cape.

Other men’s costumes options to consider including all-time favorites such as Darth Vader, Superman, Spiderman and Captain America. Also keep in mind “Guardians of the Galaxy” characters such as Starlord or Groot, as well as Nick Fury or Phil Coulson from  “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” characters from “Made Men,” and Heisenberg from “Breaking Bad.”

There are many more characters that will likely pop up among this year’s popular Halloween costumes, such as the Sub Zero and Assassin’s Creed costume for men as well as the Gamora (Guardians of the Galaxy) or Black Widow characters for women.

Shop more Halloween costumes ideas at for great discounts on all your masks, accessories and complete outfits!

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