Top Halloween Costumes for Dogs This Year

Popular Halloween costumes for dogs

When it comes to the top Halloween costumes for dogs and their owners this year, the sci-fi film franchise “Star Wars” has taken over the top 10 list of bestsellers. Right now it appears that dogs everywhere will be showing up at the door, in the yard or walking down the streets looking like Yoda, Ewoks and Jedi knights. There’s other selections on the list, but with Star Wars taking four spots out of the top 10, it shows the popularity of the classic movies. We’ve got a look at the most popular costume choices for your four-legged friends and with “Star Wars” on the list it can add to a dog and owner costume idea.

Dog Ewok costume

Ranking at the top of the bestsellers list via Buy Costumes website is the Ewok Dog costume. The Ewoks were first seen in “Star Wars: Return of the Jedi” and now dogs can mimic the look of the furry creatures from Endor.

Despicable Me Minion Dog costume

Next up we have a “Despicable Me” Minion costume. The Minions surged once again in popularity as they had their own hit movie “Minions” released. With this yellow and blue costume, along with googles, your pooch can now look just like the cute little animated characters from the big screen.

Dog Tarantula and Raptor costumes

Two other popular pet costumes inspired by creepy crawly critters or pre-historic legends take the third and fourth spots on the list. At No. 3 is the Tarantula dog, which is certainly not one for anyone afraid of spiders. The Animal Planet Raptor costume comes in at #4 and features everyone’s favorite pre-historic creature, as seen in the “Jurassic World” and other dinosaur movies.

Dog Yoda costume

Possibly one of the cutest “Star Wars” costumes available is a $14.99 Yoda Dog costume. The way the costume is made it creates a look like your dog is standing up as Yoda. Complete with the green ears, hands and feet as well as Yoda’s classic garb, your dog is sure to be a hit as the master of all Jedi knights!

Dog Wonder Woman costume

Female heroes deserve some love on the list as the Wonder Woman Deluxe Dog Costume checks in at fifth overall in the bestsellers. Wonder Woman has been a hero for the ages and your female furry friend can now don the cape and logo of one of the most classic superheroes in all of DC Comics legend!

Dog Bantha Rider costume

At the sixth and seventh spots, we have yet more “Star Wars” costumes as a Jedi Robe can make your small dog look just like a mini Obi Wan Kenobi disciple. However, the $24.99 Banta Rider costume is pretty creative, as it can make your dog look like the Banta creature from the Star Wars film being ridden by a Tuskan Raider! The question is, how long will your dog allow it to ride comfortable on its back!

It’s estimated per a report at Deal News that spending on Halloween costumes for animals will account for $350 million this year. Basically, there will be $1 spent on pet costumes for every $3 spent on costumes for kids. Adults are expected to spend over $1 billion this year, showing just how popular the Halloween holiday continues to be.

The fact that Star Wars characters are popular costume choices on all lists including those for adults, kids and pets, shows that owners and their dogs can go with a theme of the sci-fi characters this Halloween. Popular choices for kids and adults include Kylo Ren, Darth Vader, Stormtroopers, Chewbacca and Princess Leia.

You can find the most popular costumes at Buy Costumes, including those for your dog, cat, kids, significant other, and yes, even yourself!

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