Top 5 Womens Halloween Costumes This Year

top 5 halloween costumes for women

In searching for the top womens Halloween costumes this year some common themes are becoming very apparent. Certain groups of characters or individual characters are definitely standing out among the rest thanks to television and movies that have taken the world by storm. They include those from the Batman films, Disney princesses, Big Hero, Jurassic World, Star Wars and other superheroes. Women tend to get an array of sexy, creative and fun costume based on everything from maids, nurses and referees to characters from Disney or Sesame Street. Here we will show you the top 5 costume ideas for women (via BuyCostumes) this year to get you ready for the October holiday!

Batman costumes (Catwoman & Harley Quinn)

The female hero and villain characters from Batman are just as popular as their male counterparts. In particular, the Catwoman suit has been a female favorite for several years now and the appearance of Anne Hathaway in the Dark Knight Rises film certainly helped its popularity. Another character seeing a rise in popularity is the Harley Quinn Halloween costume, as she is the villain-turned-hero from the upcoming film “Suicide Squad.” Look for both of these costumes to be among the most popular on the Halloween scene this year and beyond!

Maleficient Deluxe Christening Gown Costume

The evil queen who was portrayed by actress Angelina Jolie in the hit film “Maleficient” continues to be among the most popular choices for women. This costume includes a black dress and horned headpiece just like the sinister movie villain. To complete the look, women will certainly want to use or find a good looking pair of black boots, and then a staff as an accessory. The officially-licensed Disney costume will be a head-turned at many Halloween events or other parties!

Star Wars Costumes for Women

The lineup of Star Wars costumes for women are especially popular with the new trilogy of movies is on the way. In 2015, “The Force Awakens” is the hit movie which will have fans talking. Female costume choices include a special Stormtrooper outfit, Darth Vader Female Bodysuit and of course the classic Sexy Princess Leia costume as seen on the iconic character in the original “Star Wars” film back in the 70’s. No matter which you opt for, these are highly recognizable classic costumes that you can use for Halloween and other fun times!

Sexy Little Red Riding Hood

As you know, there are sexy versions of just about every imaginable costume out there. In particular, the Little Red Riding Hood dress has been one of the most popular of recent times. The costume features black and white trim around the dress hemline to give that classic Red Riding Hood look. It has amazing embroidered details, a figure-flattering corset and a “sweetheart neckline” as well as a full-length red hooded satin cape. You’ll want to add sexy thigh high stockings, gloves, shoes and of course that basket to keep all your goodies in!

Katniss Hunger Games Mockingjay Costume

Katniss Everdeen is the main female protagonist from the popular “Hunger Games” novels and hit movies. With the “Mockingjay Part 1” costume, females can don the sleek, sexy and courageous look of the female hero Katniss. The costume includes a top that has attached armor, pants that have attached knee and shin guards and that customary Mockingjay pin. You’ll want a bow and the right pair of shoes to make this head-to-toe Hunger Games look really sharp!

Other popular women’s Halloween costume ideas

Among the other popular Halloween costumes for women this year are the unisex costumes for Jurassic World T-Rex and Big Hero 6 Baymax. Both are inflatable suits, that may not necessarily be figure-flattering, but they’ve found their way to the top of the most popular costume lists for both men and women. In addition, the superheroes Black Widow of the Avengers and the classic Wonder Woman continue to be major hits with females all across the planet. You can find all of these and many more of the most popular costumes at BuyCostumes ahead of your October 31st celebration!

Remember as always to keep it cool, creative, clever, sexy and fun when you’re out celebrating the holiday, and be safe! Wishing all a Happy Halloween!

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