Top 5 Sexy Halloween Costumes for Women

Sexy Halloween Costumes for Women

Sexy costumes are fun for many women on Halloween. What other time of the year do you get to display your inner vixen with no worries or judgement? No matter what the party, you are sure to grab the eye of every partygoer if you walk in wearing one of the top 5 sexy Halloween costumes for women this season.

Sexy Nurse

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1. The most iconic of all sexy Halloween costumes for women is the French Maid costume. The costume has lots of lace and stockings combined with a pair of black high heels and a feather duster to complete the look, While a super short skirt and a super low cut top is not every woman’s idea of sexy no one can deny that this costume is what they picture when they hear sexy costume. Sexy Nurse and Sexy School Girl are other classic sexy costumes that are iconic.

Sexy Black Widow Halloween Costume

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2. Super hero identities make popular sexy costumes. The tight jumpsuit of Black Widow is an excellent example and number two on this list. The glossy costume hugs and highlights every curve. Super heroes are sexy just because of the strength and skill associated with the characters. Add to that a body conscious costume and you have the perfect recipe for a sexy Halloween. Wonder Woman and Super Girl are two other popular costumes in this category.

Sexy Tinkerbell Halloween Costume

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3. Sexy Tinkerbell makes the list too. She is dressed in a flirty short green dress and wings. Fairies and fairy tale princesses are very feminine characters with a bit of fantasy. So the costumes often mix lace and sheer fabrics with short skirts and bare midriffs. Little hats, wings, tiaras, and high heels are the usual accessories. These costumes can be elegant and sexy at the same time. The Dark Heart Queen and Alice in Wonderland are runners up in this category.

Marilyn Monroe Halloween Costume

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4. Classic vamps and vixens such as Marilyn Monroe are also very sexy. Marilyn is outfitted in her classic white halter gown. These costumes evoke old Hollywood glitz and glamour. They hearken back to a simpler time with sexy movie, TV, and cartoon characters from the past. Betty Boop and Minnie Mouse are other great options.

Sexy Victorian Vamp

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5. Our last costume on the list is the Victorian Vamp costume. This is an elaborate dress costume with a high collar, bell sleeves, and a short high-lo skirt. Complete the look with stockings, heels, a Victorian wig, and an attitude. In the historical hotties category the costumes are usually very elaborate with short skirts, leather, lace and velvet. Other ideas include, sexy roman soldier and Greek Goddess.

Halloween is a great time to enjoy yourself and dress sexy if that’s what you want. There is no shortage of sexy Halloween costumes for women. Almost every topic can be made into a sexy Halloween costume — even nuns. Go ahead and let your imagination go wild! There is no topic that is taboo for Halloween. You could even make Pacman into a sexy costume.


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