Top 5 Popular Halloween Costumes for Boys

top 5 popular Halloween costumes for boys

With the October 31st holiday on the way, it’s time to look at what’s leading in terms of the most popular costumes this Halloween. In particular, we want to take a look at the top 5 most popular Halloween costumes for boys, as there are so many options out there. However, there are already some clear winners that are trending via BuyCostumes website which offers discounted prices on all of the best outfits and accessories. The latest popular choices include familiar names from the superhero world, science fiction and other TV, movies or video games as parents prepare their children for the latest installment of parties and trick or treating expeditions.

5. Harry Potter Costumes

The popular character from author J.K. Rowling continues to be one of the favorites for boys to dress up as. The famous fantasy series includes seven novels that were turned into movies. The character Harry Potter inspires many young boys to imagine the un-imaginable. Almost every Halloween website is offering several Harry Potter Halloween costumes so you won’t have any problem finding one! You can choose an outfit billed specifically as the character or even just purchase the generic Gryffindor robes that are seen worn by boys (and girls) at the Hogwarts Academy.

4. The Flash & Ant Man Costumes (Tie)

In recent times, superhero movies from DC and Marvel Comics have really become a huge part of the culture. With them have come several new costumes that young boys everywhere will be looking to wear, whether it’s on Halloween or just for playtime in general. The CW hit television show, “The Flash,” has really taken off as one of the most popular DC superhero shows and boys will want to don the red and yellow Flash Halloween costume to “follow suit” with the Scarlett Speedster!

One of the newest members of the Avengers hit the big screen recently too and with that boys will want to don the Ant Man Halloween costume so they can roleplay as the shrinking hero who packs a lot of power! Ant Man not only has his own comics and movie, but will be featured in Avengers movies for some time to come, making this a very popular costume to watch for.

3. Baymax from Big Hero 6 Costume

A favorite film of many children was “Big Hero 6” and with it has come a widely popular costume. We stress the “wide” part as this Baymax white robot costume features an inflatable jumpsuit, electronic fan and headpiece. Of course, your young one will also require some special accessories including gloves, lollipop and socks to complete the look. Once you’ve got them all assembled, your child is ready to be a member of the futuristic world of San Fransokyo! The Baymax white costume has been ranking among the top costumes at several retailers heading towards the holiday, so make sure to get yours sooner, rather than later, due to its popularity.

2. Batman – Dark Knight Costume

Another member in the superhero lineup, Batman, is always appropriate and popular for Halloween. His bat persona and dark appearance give off a somewhat secret and intriguing vibe. Like the Superman costume, Batman is classic for all ages and can be found almost anywhere. Many boys will be looking for different versions of the costume, whether it’s the bluish color outfit or the Dark Knight ensemble. With many popular Batman movies and the newer DC Comics films on the way, any of the costumes can make for a great item to keep around – until your child grows out of it!

1. Star Wars – Kylo Ren or Darth Vader Costumes

For four decades and counting, this science fiction film franchise and the pop culture it has spawned have grown into a multi-billion dollar industry. Star Wars Halloween Costumes will definitely be in major demand this year and beyond to accompany a new trilogy of movies. Boys everywhere who are fans of the films, will be looking to dress up as villains Darth Vader and the newer Kylo Ren, or as other popular characters such as Stormtroopers, Han Solo, Boba Fett or Luke Skywalker.

Bonus Idea: Animal Costumes

If your boy is fascinated with animals and would like to dress as one, then there are some very cute boys and toddler animal costumes that you could also get your hands on. The best part about animal costumes for your boys is that they are unisex, and so there is no difference in the costumes for girls and the ones for boys. These animal costumes are most enjoyable due to the elaborate details that they have. You can find some dragon costumes with very imaginative spikes and colors. These costumes are quite inexpensive and will not make you step out of your budget to buy them.

Where to buy Halloween Costumes for Boys

Our top recommendation is Buy Costumes website which literally has almost every costume choice you can imagine. Not only that, but the website offers the accessories needed to complete these outfits. It’s basically a one stop shop for all of your costume needs which also offers discounted prices, deals for new customers, and shipping promotions from time to time. We recommend heading to Buy Costumes now to shop for all of the most popular costumes as mentioned above.

You can also look at Amazon’s Halloween Shop for the latest costumes and accessories, which offers great prices and shipping deals for Amazon Prime members. Always be careful to shop for the best price as there have been some popular costumes that sell out online and then show up on the Amazon website (via greedy sellers) for much more money than you’d typically pay.

That said, out and about at your local Halloween shops such as Spirit, Target, Walmart and other large retailers could be the ideal way to find those essential items needed to make your Halloween the best yet!


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