Top 5 Best Gifts for Outdoorsmen Under $50

top 5 gifts for outdoorsmen under 50

Got a guy around you need to buy for who loves the wilderness or outdoor activities? We’ve rounded up a look at our top five best gifts for outdoorsmen under $50 this year. These are all great inexpensive purchases for outdoor enthusiasts whether you need a gift idea for a birthday, Christmas, anniversary, Father’s Day or other major celebration this year. The holidays can be tough to buy for, and if it’s an area you don’t know so well, it can make it difficult to find something appropriate, useful, cool and well-received. It’s always the thought that counts, so here’s some of our thoughts on what you might consider giving as a gift to your favorite outdoorsy type!

Aeropress Coffee and Espresso Maker

What a better way to wake up than to fresh air, a view of the great outdoors and a cup of coffee or espresso outside! With the Aeropress Coffee and Espresso maker your gift recipient can make up a great batch of the drink they need on the go. It features a total immersion and pressure system. The AeroPress coffee is micro-filtered to help make sure it is particle free and pure, making for a quick, smooth and rich cup of coffee or espresso in about a minute of time! Included with this item for $30 or under is a scoop, stirrer, funnel for grounds, the AeroPress device and a year’s supply of micro-filters!

Brunton Revolt Portable Power Bank

The Brunton Revolt XL 9000 mAh Portable Power Bank will give your favorite outdoorsmen plenty of juice for his next big adventure. It features a USB-optimized charging system for various handheld electronics including smartphones, tablets, GPS devices or water purifiers. Not only does it pack power but it is also virtually indestructible thanks to being smash-proof and fully-waterproof! A great gift to give for surviving the roughest of the elements and keeping those essential accessories powered up! (Note: This item generally sells for slightly more than $50, but lower-power versions can be purchased for under $50)

Ka-Bar Hobo Knife 3-in-1 Tool

The Ka-Bar Hobo Knife is the perfect gift for outdoorsy types as it provides three essential eating utensils in one portable tool. This item by Ka-Bar features a fork, knife and spoon all in one easy to carry stainless steel pocket knife sized tool! With a price tag under $20 it also makes a great stocking stuffer or less pricy gift to add with your other items you give to your recipient!

Bushnell Rubicon A200L Compact Lantern

For anyone who is out camping, hunting or performing any other outside activity in dark conditions, this Rubicon A200L Compact Lantern by Bushnell is the perfect accessory to have around. One of the particular features that makes it stand out is the “Red Halo Mode” which can be activated as a way to not interfere with the use of night vision.It also has a warm white lumens light with 200 lumens output that will last for about five hours of continued or total use. This lantern includes foldable legs for use on even or uneven surfaces and sells for just a bit over $30 making it a smart purchase.

Field Guide to the Art of Wilderness Survival

The Bushcraft 101: A Field Guide to the Art of Wilderness Survival is the ultimate book to give your favorite outdoorsmen as it focuses on the five C’s of surviving in the backwoods. This book covers containers, cutting tools, combustion devices, cordages and covering, all of the basics for getting on in the wilderness. It’s got a low price, plenty of high ratings and is a compact 256 page paperback. Perfect for carrying along in a backpack on that next camping trip!

Those are just five of our best gift ideas for outdoorsmen for this year’s holidays. Other ideas can include SmartWool hiking socks, portable heaters or cooking devices, multi-use saw tools, binoculars, flannel clothing items, sleeping bags, ropes, water purifiers, waterproof matches and more. There’s so many great options out there for gifts for the outdoorsy types in your life but we feel confident the items shown above are a great starting point for your gift giving! View more outdoors and recreations gifts here.

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