Top 2014 Black Friday Sales Deals

Updated Nov. 16 Black Friday arrives on November 28th this year, but it seems stores are getting into the holiday shopping spirit days and even weeks ahead of the day. Some stores open Thanksgiving Day or evening to get things started in the retail world, while online retailers are able to offer deals around the clock. There’s no doubt that the days before the Black Friday madness will bring some scintillating online deals, but where will you be able to find the best Black Friday 2014 online sales?

On this page we’ll show you the stores offering some of the best 2014 Black Friday Sales around. We’ll reveal links to any leaked ads or online specials as they become available here. In addition, any store hours will be provided below for special sales days. Black Friday Sale

Amazon has topped the list of stores who gave the best deals in the Black Friday 2013. How will it manage to be on top this year? This megastore will have deals that will surely be in competition with the other megastores like Walmart and Best Buy. Just keep in mind that these deals will easily sell out.

In 2013, the e-tailer’s hottest deals included a $200 gift card when you bought Ultrabooks from them. 3D Blu-Ray discs were sold for only $5, while discounts were offered on a variety of video games, electronics, clothing and more.

The latest Amazon Black Friday info is here.

Best Buy Black Friday Sale

Best Buy offers some of the best deals on electronics, video games, computers and appliances in each year’s Black Friday sales. Most, if not all, of Best Buy’s Black Friday deals were totally choice worthy. In 2013, people rushed to the store and managed to get what they want in the most possible way.

Best Buy’s stores and website are a great place to look for deals on smartphones, tablets, video game consoles and more. Take a look at the large HDTVs and laptops as these are of the many doorbusters to wait for this year.

You’ll find details on any major Best Buy sales here.

Walmart Black Friday Sale

In 2013, Walmart was one of the megastores which offered some of the more impressive 2014 Black Friday sales. In 2014, Walmart is expected to give a massive discount for HDTV’s, tablets, video games, toys, Blu-Ray movies and boxsets. Walmart also provides its shoppers some great doorbuster deals and usually before the Black Friday sales day even arrives. Stay tuned as they continue to unveil great deals online and in stores!

View Walmart sales deals for Black Friday!

Target Black Friday Sale

Target is using its social media accounts to give its shoppers a sneak peek of its deals. Target will slash off the prices of its items mostly on electronics, games, movies, music and toys of the season. This store will also give out great sales on household items, linens, clothing, and beauty items.

View Target’s latest sales info here.

Kmart Black Friday Sale

Unlike the other stores, Kmart is usually not open for 40+ hours on the Black Friday sales date, but their sale is likely to start on Thursday and end on Saturday with 2 to 3 hour breaks. The retail giant could be open on Thursday at 6 A.M. and close down its doors on Friday at 11 P.M. EST.

The latest Kmart Black Friday sales info is here.

Tips for In-Store Shopping or Camping Out:

With Black Friday coming up, you are surely excited to shop all day, with a lot of people waiting outside the doors of these megastores to shop, it will be helpful to be prepared. Below are the do’s and don’ts to follow on Black Friday.

  • • Wear appropriate and comfortable clothing.
  • • Don’t pay much attention to pre-Black Friday sales because there are greater possibilities that these are just normal deals disguising as cheaper ones.
  • • Research on what you need, want and like to buy —that’s the main point of shopping, right?
  • • Bring your shopping rewards cards if you will go shopping on those 5 stores that were mentioned.
  • • Bring your phone or a list that you will buy. This is to make sure that you will not forget anything because of your excitement to shop.
  • • And of course, never forget to bring cash, in case your card fails or reaches its limit.

Of course our best advice is to keep your shopping online in the convenience of your home where you can browse all sorts of comparable deals and sales. Remember to check back here at Holiday Gift Nation for updated sales and deals info throughout the holiday shopping season! You can also sign up on the right hand column to subscribe to our email list!