Thanksgiving Turkey Cooking Time & Recipe Info

Turkey is a popular dish in many cuisines around the world, especially in the U.S, where millions of Americans dine on turkey as the main dish of Thanksgiving dinner. If you’re about to cook a frozen Turkey, you should thaw it a day before you’re about to cook it. Now, as far as thawing is concerned, instead using your microwave or putting it in warm water, put the turkey in a bowl of cold water and let it “rest” for a few hours (30 minutes per pound). Next, rub generously with salt, pepper, parsley and chicken seasoning mix, and leave it in a refrigerator overnight for the ingredients to soak-in. Do the second part exactly the same if you bought a fresh Turkey.

On the following day, pre-heat your oven to 390 F about 20 minutes before you’re about to put the turkey inside. Take the turkey out of the refrigerator and oil it (this will prevent the skin from drying once in the oven). Cover the turkey with a piece of aluminum foil. Next, oil the roasting pan, and put the Turkey in the oven. Cook the turkey for 30 minutes. Next, lower the temperature to 320 F and keep cooking for another 2,5 hours. The Turkey should be cooked until it is juicy (but not watery) on the inside and crisp on the outside. In this case, a bit over 3 hours.

After that, take the aluminum foil off and cook for a bit more to get that nice brown color and crisp skin.. Finally, take the turkey out of the oven, place it on a large cutting board and cut it in pieces using poultry shears. Serve alongside mashed potatoes or some other side dish



1 turkey 8 pounds, giblets removed
Salt and pepper to taste
Chicken seasoning mix to taste
1/2 cup vegetable oil
1 teaspoon dried parsley

Utensils and cookware:

Heavy-duty aluminum foil
Poultry shears
Roasting pan

Need additional help on your turkey cooking or other Thanksgiving dishes?  If you need any help with the cooking, feel free to call the Butterball hotline, as their polite staff will be glad to help you with the turkey at 1-800-Butterball, or consult their website here for more information.

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