Tax-free weekend 2013 for back-to-school shopping deals

The Tax-free weekend is the elimination of state sales tax for a weekend before school starts. The tax holidays or tax free weekends that take place in the month of August are directed towards back-to-school shopping. Most of the parents try and save money during this time by buying most their childrens’ school supplies for the upcoming school year during these tax-free weekends, which can make for some busy shopping. The great news is, these tax free shopping holidays are available online too at places like Amazon

backpackThe tax-free weekend 2013, back-to-school shopping and money saving happens in many states like Alabama, Arkansas, Connecticut, Georgia, Florida, Mississippi, Missouri, Iowa, Louisiana, New Mexico, Virginia, West Virginia, South Carolina, North Carolina, New York Texas, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Vermont.

The details regarding some of the states hosting the tax-free weekend of 2013 are as follows:

Alabama– The items of back-to-school shopping included in the tax-free weekend are computers, clothing, school supplies of accessories and books. The weekend period of three days that starts during the first week of August.

Arkansas– The items of sale are limited to school supplies, school and reference books and clothing during the tax-free weekend. The duration of the tax-free days is two which takes place during the first week in the month of August.

District of Columbia – It holds the highest number of days of back-to-school shopping during tax-free weekends. The products of sale include clothing, school supplies and the tax-free weekend takes place in the months of August and November.

Massachusetts – It holds the tax-free weekend in the second week of August for two days distributing the back-to-school items like computers, sports equipment, clothing, etc.

Oklahoma – Oklahoma offers a sales tax holiday on school related items and clothing and shoes up to $100 on the first weekend in August. For 2013 the dates are August 2-4.

Texas – The third week of August marks the tax-free weekend here for three days with a huge sale of school supplies, diapers, clothing, backpacks, etc.

The tax-free weekend 2013, back-to-school shopping is reported to start with Mississippi on July 26th and July 27th. The tax is imposed on any individual item that costs above $100 while one can buy as many items as required individually under the price of $100, like clothing, shoes, books, badges and many others, during the tax-free weekend at Mississippi.

Iowa and Louisiana hold their tax-free weekend of 2013 on August 2-3. August 2 through 4th  is the sales tax holiday in the state of Virginia. Most of these tax free deals can also be purchased from online retailers with same tax savings and less hassle of actually visiting the retail store of get the back-to-school shopping items.

The great thing is, you do not even need to be a student to take advantage the tax-free prices of items, which are used by students as well as others. The ‘non business use’ of these items also allows any customer to buy them during the tax-free weekend without having to pay the additional sales tax.

Another great part of the tax free weekend is that many retailers attempt to lure your business by offering additional sales and discounts during these tax free days. This is the best way to make your back-to-school budget stretch.

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