Top 5 Toy Gifts for Boys this Holiday Season

 Top 5 Toys for Boys

With a multitude of new toys being introduced to the market for the holiday season, choosing the perfect toys for young boys can be overwhelming. Whether your favorite boy loves dinosaurs, fighting the battle between good and evil, flying helicopters, or driving cars, there are perfect toys for boys on the shelves this holiday season. Here’s our top 5 toys gifts for boys this coming holiday season! [Read more…]

Top 5 Toy Gifts for Girls for Chirstmas this Holiday Season

Top 5 Toys for Girls
Holiday gift giving isn’t just about the enjoyment it brings to the person receiving the gift. Nothing warms the heart of the giver more than bringing happiness to a child. Don’t spend countless hours looking for that perfect gift, choosing one of these top five toys for girls this holiday season is sure to give that special little girl countless hours of enjoyment.
Girl Scouts Cookie Oven

Girl Scouts Cookie Oven

Wicked Cool Toys has the perfect gift for the little baker. This oven comes with a baking pan, spatula, measuring tool, and a Thin Mints starter kit to make that first batch of cookies. For that little girl, who loves to spend time in the kitchen, this is the perfect holiday gift.

Fisher-Price Bright Beats Dance & Move BeatBo

Fisher-Price Bright Beats Dance & Move BeatBo

This futuristic friend teaches counting, colors, letters and much more through stimulating music and songs. Fisher-Price, a name you can trust in children’s toys, brings you an educational toy that will have your little girl singing and dancing for hours.

Barbie Pop-Up Camper Vehicle

Barbie Pop-Up Camper Vehicle

The perfect addition to any little girl’s Barbie collection. This RV easily transforms into a three-story play set for hours of imaginative play. Your little girl will have hours of fun with Barbie at a campsite pool party complete with a fire pit, swimming pool, and marshmallows for roasting.

Frozen Sing-A-Long Elsa Doll

Frozen Sing-A-Long Elsa Doll

Elsa captured the heart of every little girl, continue the magic with Elsa’s real working microphone to create the perfect musical duet. Elsa’s dress magically illuminates when she sings and talks. There are 15 magical phases available in both English and Spanish, including the full-length movie version of “Let it Go.”

Crayola Color Alive Easy Animation Studio

Crayola Easy Animation Studio

For the child who dreams of creating their own animated character, this gift provides them with the tools to make their dream come true. Using the free Animator app your child can scan backgrounds and characters, they create, into the animation studio. In the animation studio the characters can come to life using a poseable mannequin, included in the kit. The app works with iOS and Android devices, check for specific device compatibility.

Whether that special little girl is an aspiring singer, artist, chef, animator, or just likes to spend time with Barbie, this holiday season has the perfect gift available. Look no further than the Top 5 Toy Gifts for Girls to create that perfect gift experience for you, and that special little girl.

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Amazon Black Friday 2013 Deals Week Begins Sunday

The official Amazon Black Friday 2013 deals week gets started on Sunday, November 24th, with plenty of popular items being put on sale at the website.  Amazon will be looking to compete with Walmart, offering similar deals and some that are different.  However, Amazon is making it tough for customers to know exactly when deals might arrive as they’ve announced new deals will start every 10 minutes.  However, we’ve got an idea of some of the items that will be included.


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Walmart Pre-Black Friday Toy Deal Sells Out

A Walmart pre-Black Friday toy deal has sold out for the latest week-long sale at the retailer’s website.  The latest sales deals at the website include TVs, tablets, toys and other big-ticket items at discounted prices.  One particular toy deal has been so attractive to shoppers that it is no longer available online at the Walmart early bird specials sale. [Read more…]

Black Friday 2013: 3DS XL Sales & Deals vs. Sony PS Vita

The latest Black Friday 2013 3DS XL sales and deals will be among the hottest in the video game world, along with big ticket items like the Sony PlayStation 4, PS3, Microsoft Xbox One, 360, and the Nintendo Wii U.  The Nintendo 3DS XL is a portable, handheld gaming device for fans of many types of video games, and is comparable to the Sony Playstation (PS) Vita.  Here we’ll compare 3DS XL vs. Sony PS Vita portable devices, and provide any of the latest sales or deals for the 3DS on Black Friday 2013.  View latest 3DS XL prices here, and read on for more help! [Read more…]

Flutterbye Flying Fairy Doll Toy Review

The Flutterbye Flying Fairy doll is one of the Toys R Us Fabulous 15 toys for the 2013 holiday shopping season. This doll easily turns the fantasy into reality for small girls. The fairy dances effortlessly in the air. Young girls can easily delve into the world of imagination as they control these cute fairies through the air by just waving their hands.  Read on for more details about this popular new toy, or view the Flutterbye fairy toy here. [Read more…]

Tabeo e2 Tablet for Kids Review: Specs, Features & Price

The Tabeo e2 tablet is the newest in state-of-the-art technology, built for kids.  Finding a table specifically for a child’s use is tough these days, but the designers of the  Tabeo e2 tablet have made sure it is perfect for kids, and their parents will approve.  The Tabeo is one such tablet that gives your kid the fun from several pre-loaded apps with several more available online, and the stability of Android Jelly bean operating system.  [Read more…]

Big Hugs Elmo: Playskool Hugging Elmo Review with Video

When it comes to choosing toys for your child, you would rarely find toys that give back to your child same amount of pleasure and love, as much they receive.  The Playskool Big Hugs Elmo is one such toy that gives your child the same amount of hugs as it receives. This toy also not only gives hugs, but can engage your child into having four imaginative activities, apart from playing songs, dancing with your child, and talking.  As of this report, the toy ranks among the Toys R Us Fabulous 15 toys list for the 2013 holiday shopping season, so let’s take a look at the hugging Elmo doll’s features, price and availability in this review.  You can also view the Big Hugs Elmo here to check out more details including a video description of the toy. [Read more…]

Razor Drift Crazy Cart Review with Video

For those who always wanted to steal the go-cart at the carnival comes the Razor Crazy Drift Cart.   The Razor Crazy Drift Cart is the ultimate drifting machine that allows users to not only drive forward and backwards, but also sideways and diagonally. Manufactured by Razor, a popular toy company known for its micro scooters, Crazy Cart is like a traditional go-cart that turns everyone at the wheel into a master drifter. Now, your kids can experience professional drifting without crashing their dad’s car.

It comes with an intense and revolutionary drive system that provides flexibility to drive sideways, forward, backwards and every way else in the direction. Let us have a look at the amazing features of Razor Crazy Drift car that makes it quite popular among kids as well as adults. [Read more…]

2013 Toys R Us Fabulous 15 Hot Holiday Toy List

The Toys R Us Fabulous 15 Toy list has been revealed for 2013 holiday shopping season. If you have children on your holiday gift list, you may very well be on the look out for some of these toys on the Fabulous 15 hot holiday toys list.  These are the hottest toys off the 2013 holiday buying season, and you can bet at least one of them will become that rare, hard-to-find toy of the 2013 season.  Below you can find a bit more about each of these toys, with some links to more information, including reviews! [Read more…]