Tax Due Date Post Office Locations & Hours

For many American tax payers, the tax due date always arrives quicker than expected.  For those who get caught off guard, it’s essential to know how much time is available to make sure those IRS federal and state tax forms get filed on time.  Failing to do so can result in a stiff penalty for being late! [Read more…]

Turbo Tax Deluxe Software for Online Filing

The tax due date seems to get here quicker each year!  Luckily, the software and websites for filing taxes keep improving year after year, making it easier to e-file or print and mail tax returns.  As of this report, Turbo Tax Deluxe filing for federal and state ranks as the #1 most popular and bestselling tax preparation software.

Turbo Tax Deluxe software assists users to complete their yearly taxes without having to go to a tax preparer. This software offers users up to 5 federal e-files and varying state e-files, depending on the state. This is good for the user, because if they have friends or family who would also benefit from the software, they can use it as well. [Read more…]

IRS Income Tax 2011 Filing Date Deadline & Extension Form Info

When are income taxes due in 2011?  Taxes are usually due on or before the 15th of April following the tax year being filed for, but in 2011 they are due on April 18th.  This is due to the fact that Emancipation Day holiday happens to fall on the 15th this year.  Since taxes are due the 18th, that gives tax payers an extra 3 days to work with and fill out all of the necessary tax paperwork.  Post offices are usually open for extended hours on the day/night taxes are  due.  [Read more…]