Popular Halloween Costumes for Boys This Year

Halloween is traditionally observed on the 31st of October each year. The word Halloween is a shortening of All Hallows evening which comes on the evening before all saints day. Traditionally people used to wear costumes modeled after supernatural figures; these included ghosts, monsters, skeletons and witches. However, as time advanced costumes from fiction superheroes including those from popular science fiction movies were introduced. Today, adults as well as children are seen in costume similar to that won by fiction characters including superman, Harry Potter and spider man on Halloween nights. Below are some of the more popular Halloween costumes for boys this year. [Read more…]

Popular Halloween Costumes for Girls This Year

The most popular Halloween costumes for girls this year come from the worlds of superheroes and princesses, among other realms. There are plenty of great costumes out there for young girls to wear for school events, Halloween parties with friends, or going out trick-or-treating with parents or friends. On this page we’ve assembled a list of some of the best costume ideas to buy for the special girls in your life this Halloween. [Read more…]

Top Halloween Costumes in 2011 for Adults & Kids

With Halloween approaching rapidly, it’s time to take our latest look at which costumes are the top sellers.  Many adults and children will be trying to get last minute Halloween costume ideas.  Others will make a quick trip to the local stores to get their costumes.  Let’s check out what’s selling best right now for Top Halloween costumes for kids and adults. [Read more…]