Popular Men’s and Women’s Costumes for 2012 include Superheroes, Classics & Movie Icons

Halloween is arriving quickly, and with that in mind, we’ve got the latest top 10 lists for popular men’s and women’s Halloween costumes.  These are the most popular sellers as we head into the early stages of October, which gives men and women several weeks to order that hot costume and put the finishing touches on them for Halloween. [Read more…]

Most Popular Halloween Costumes This Year

Halloween is one of America’s favorite holidays of all-time and one reason for this is the fact that people like to dress up like their favorite monsters, superheroes and other popular characters. Men, women, boys and girls will all have a wide selection of costumes to choose from in this current year. Each of the costumes that will be mentioned here are going to be among the most popular selling costume items for the upcoming Halloween season. [Read more…]

Popular Halloween Costumes for Women This Year

With Halloween on the way, finding the most popular costumes for women is a concern for many females.  It seems to be a fierce competition out there for who can find the most unique, clever and sexy costume choices.  Many women usually try and take up a unique and different character to break away from their normal personality. There are plenty of popular Halloween costumes this year which will help do that! [Read more…]