Creative Halloween Costumes for Women 2011 Ideas

There’s been a wide variety of creative Halloween costumes for women in 2011 showing up on the costume markets.  In this post, we’ll present some clever new costume ideas to all of those women looking for something unique for October 31st! [Read more…]

Lady Gaga Jo Calderone Halloween Costume Ideas For 2011

Lady Gaga provides plenty of amazing costume ideas each year for Halloween. This year, the Born This Way singer has provided an even greater variety by showing up at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards as her alter ego Joe Calderone. Last year, she gave people the meat dress, and this year she gave the couple costume idea. [Read more…]

Lady Gaga’s Takeover at Barneys for Holiday Shopping

Lady Gaga will reinterpret Santa’s workshop this holiday season starting in November at Barneys. The store has given the wacky dressing singer an entire floor along with its coveted window space to create her special vision of the workshop and Santa’s elves. It will be amazing to see what she ends up coming up with. There is little doubt that she will top the meat dress and the egg completely. [Read more…]