Tax Day Freebies for 2014

Yes, it’s Tax day once again, meaning there’s just hours left to file your income taxes, or file an extension. The official deadline that taxes should be done by (or before) is midnight on April 15, 2014, although there are plenty of individuals asking for extra time to get theirs in. By the way, the great news is that while most Americans are paying Uncle Same their dues, there are plenty of places looking to give out some nice “Tax day freebies.” They include Arby’s, Boston Market, Hard Rock Cafe and more. Read on for more info on a selection of services and sites to check out on Tuesday! [Read more…]

Federal Income Tax Extension Form

With the tax due date deadline for this year approaching rapidly, many are turning to online software such as Turbo Tax or H&R Block programs to quickly get those taxes done.  Others won’t finish in time and are in need of the Federal income tax extension form online.  This form is a convenient way to avoid getting in trouble with the IRS for being late. [Read more…]

IRS Income Tax 2011 Filing Date Deadline & Extension Form Info

When are income taxes due in 2011?  Taxes are usually due on or before the 15th of April following the tax year being filed for, but in 2011 they are due on April 18th.  This is due to the fact that Emancipation Day holiday happens to fall on the 15th this year.  Since taxes are due the 18th, that gives tax payers an extra 3 days to work with and fill out all of the necessary tax paperwork.  Post offices are usually open for extended hours on the day/night taxes are  due.  [Read more…]