Top 5 Womens Halloween Costumes This Year

top 5 halloween costumes for women

In searching for the top womens Halloween costumes this year some common themes are becoming very apparent. Certain groups of characters or individual characters are definitely standing out among the rest thanks to television and movies that have taken the world by storm. They include those from the Batman films, Disney princesses, Big Hero, Jurassic World, Star Wars and other superheroes. Women tend to get an array of sexy, creative and fun costume based on everything from maids, nurses and referees to characters from Disney or Sesame Street. Here we will show you the top 5 costume ideas for women (via BuyCostumes) this year to get you ready for the October holiday! [Read more…]

Best Halloween Costumes for Women in 2013

It’s Halloween season, and this time of year is often one of the very best times of the year! Many women want to dress up for Halloween, but are looking for great costume ideas. With the best Halloween costumes for women in 2013, you will get sexy, sassy, and scary. Everyone will find something to fit her personal unique taste in this list. Everyone realizes Halloween is not just for kids, and adults love to dress up too.

Halloween is the second most celebrated holiday after Christmas; it reminds the adults and the parents just one more time how it was fun being a child. So, why not dress up the occasion and join the children while the trick-or-treat, or go out to a party and have some adult fun yourself!

Below are some of the best Halloween costumes for women in 2013.

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Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus Twerkin Teddy costumeMiley Cyrus twerked the twerk heard ’round the world at the 2013 VMAs, and now many women want to dress up like the starlet for Halloween. While it is tough to find a full out Miley Cyrus Halloween costume pre-packaged, with a bit of ingenuity, you can create your own for Halloween 2013. You can pick up the Miley Cyrus Twerk Foam Finger to be an integral part of your costume. You can also pick up the Twerk Bear Tank Top to complete your Miley Cyrus look.  The Twerkin Teddy for men and women is available on Sale at!

If you’d love to go further in emulating the pop star, you can check out Twerk It for an even more authentic replica of Miley’s VMA 2013 outfit. It should be available at Halloween costume stores soon.

The Wizard of Oz

The Wizard of Oz hit the big screen this past year in Oz The Great and Powerful, and there are several awesome Halloween costume ideas for women from the film.

You can be the Wicked Witch of the West if you want to be a villain. This costume comes with a shiny black witch’s dress and the iconic pointy hat. Customers have rated it highly, and it looks like a Halloween 2013 winner for women looking for an interesting costume to wear for trick-or-treating or other Halloween parties.

deluxe-theodora-costumeIf you loved Theodora BEFORE she became the Wicked Witch of the West, you can also choose a Theodora costume for Halloween 2013. The iconic burgundy hat that Mila Kunis made so alluring in the film is included with this costume. It also includes Jacket with Attached Shirt, Belt, Pants, and Boot covers.

If you would rather, you can go with the Classic Glenda costume. The package includes the flowing white dress and gold tiara to help complete your “Good Witch” look from Oz The Great and Powerful. Add a flowing golden wig w/ beautiful loose curls to complete the look.

Finally, choose to be trickster Evanora from the movie. The Evanora costume comes complete with dress with lace sleeves plus feathered accent with matching headpiece. Find an Evanora wig to complete the look.

Star Wars – Princess Leia

princess leia costumeIt is almost impossible to go wrong with the Star Wars Princess Leia costume. Whether you choose the Princess Leia Slave Costume or the classic Princess Leia costume, you will be a fantasy come true on Halloween night. With Disney acquiring the rights to the generation-spanning franchise and an episode 7 in the works, you are sure to be a massive hit for Halloween 2013.

The Great Gatsby

Another popular film in 2013 that translates to excellent Halloween costume ideas for women was The Great Gatsby. Obviously, flapper costumes are always popular, but there are so many that go further than the typical black fringe you see each season.

Try out the Rasta Imposta Gatsby Girl costume in cream! It is beautiful and a different take on a normal 1920s flapper costume. It includes the Hat, necklace, and dress.

Another stunning costume is the Original Flirty Golden Gatsby Girl Costume. It includes, the Dress and Headpiece. Add in some stockings and jewelry and a 1920s hairstyle, and you will be the life of the Halloween party.

Disney Princesses

snowwhitecostumeChannel your inner Disney Princess with a woman’s sized princess costume. You could dress up as Snow White, Belle, Cinderella, Rapunzel, Jasmine and many many more.

While you know you are a princess every day of the year, Halloween offers you the chance to show your princess side to the entire world! Why not go for it?


Superheros remain an incredibly popular choice for women for Halloween 2013. One of the best superhero choices for women this year is Wonder Woman. The DC Comics Deluxe Wonder Woman Adult Costume is highly rated, and it comes with a red and blue strapless mini dress, Red cape, boot tops, bracelets and tiara. Oddly, the gold belt is not included, so keep this in mind.

Other popular choices for women superheros include Batgirl, Supergirl, Catwoman, and the Green Lantern. All of these costumes are sassy, sexy and cute! You cannot go wrong with any of them.


The Sexy Swashbuckler Set from California Costumes is a highly rated costume for women. Not only is it sexy, but it is also a solid costume choice for Halloween 2013. Inside the bag is Top, Sleeves, Skirt, Belt, and Hat. The skirt is also fashionable with the trendy hi-low styling. Just throw on your Talk Like a Pirate accent, and you are ready to go for a night of Halloween fun in 2013.

These costumes are great ideas for Halloween 2013. Women who want to do something special this season in dressing up should look to this list for inspiration!

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