How Many Calories in a Peep? Easter Candy Info

Wondering how many calories in a peep?  Peeps are the famous marshmallow candy rabbits and chicks that are found in many Easter baskets on Easter Sunday.  They come in a variety of colors, flavors and styles.  These yummy treats taste great, but what is the peeps nutrition info?  Are peeps good or bad for you? [Read more…]

Easter Bunny Tracker Apps Online

When Easter arrives, many children are curious to find out where the Easter Bunny is. Now the convenience of online tools and technology, the Easter bunny tracker is available with special apps for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch! [Read more…]

Good Friday 2011 Holiday Information

Good Friday 2011 falls on April 22, 2011 this year.  It’s the important religious holiday which marks the death of Jesus Christ on the Cross.  For those who are part of the Catholic Church, this is the act that brought salvation to all of those who believe in the religion.  [Read more…]

Easter Recipes For Dinner and Desserts Online

Planning that perfect Easter Sunday meal can be a challenge, unless you’ve got the use of traditional recipes handed down.  Those usually require years of experience, that some new family members might not have yet.  The good news is that there are a wide variety of resources available online to help with Easter recipes for dinner and desserts on this special spring holiday. [Read more…]

Easter Recipe for How to Make Deviled Eggs

The most necessary Easter recipe is one for how to make deviled eggs. With all the colored Easter eggs people dye for the festivities and hunts, there are plenty of hard boiled eggs left. What are you going to do with them? An obvious idea is to make some of the deviled eggs. [Read more…]

Traditional Easter Foods

For Christians, Easter is one an incredibly important date. The day and its meaning is incredibly important for the religion, but people, Christian or not, often use the holiday as a time to connect with friends and family over a table filled with Easter Foods.  Below you’ll find a guide for the most traditional foods for Easter Sunday. [Read more…]

Easter Gift Baskets as a Personalized Gift for Family and Friends

Need a creative and unique gift for Easter Sunday holiday?  An easy favorite for the spring holiday for family and friends are Easter gift baskets.  These gift ideas are able to be bought in stores or online, or they can be handmade for a more creative and personal touch.  Read on for some great ideas on how to give great Easter baskets as gifts! [Read more…]

Easter Postcards Online Feature Vintage Themes

A unique way to wish someone a happy holiday is by purchasing Easter postcards online to mail out.  There are vintage, religious and other Easter themes that can be found on many websites.  Postcards for Easter make a great alternative to sending e-cards online or mailing regular cards, and can be less expensive to send! [Read more…]

Easter Card Ideas for Family And Friends

It won’t be too difficult to find good Easter card ideas because many cards and websites carry such a wide variety. Still, some want that perfect Easter card for their loved one, friend or other acquaintance.  It’s also confusing for some to decide if a religious-themed card is appropriate.  So here’s some tips and advice to help out when shopping for those Easter holiday gift cards! [Read more…]

White House Easter Egg Roll 2011 Tickets Lottery & General Info

In a fun annual tradition, the White House Easter Egg Roll 2011 has been scheduled for April 25th, 2011.  This is the Monday right after Easter Sunday 2011.  The event takes place on the South Lawn of the White House and features some great Easter activities for the entire family, especially the children.  There is an annual ticket lottery held online to determine who gets to attend this event which started almost two centuries ago. [Read more…]