Easter Recipes For Dinner and Desserts Online

Planning that perfect Easter Sunday meal can be a challenge, unless you’ve got the use of traditional recipes handed down.  Those usually require years of experience, that some new family members might not have yet.  The good news is that there are a wide variety of resources available online to help with Easter recipes for dinner and desserts on this special spring holiday. [Read more…]

Easter Gift Baskets as a Personalized Gift for Family and Friends

Need a creative and unique gift for Easter Sunday holiday?  An easy favorite for the spring holiday for family and friends are Easter gift baskets.  These gift ideas are able to be bought in stores or online, or they can be handmade for a more creative and personal touch.  Read on for some great ideas on how to give great Easter baskets as gifts! [Read more…]

Easter Bunny Origin Story

Wondering how or where the Easter Bunny originated?  It doesn’t seem like a bunny should be part of the religious holiday for Easter. The interesting thing is that the Easter Bunny origin goes back before the actual holiday of Easter. Here’s a more in-depth look at how the Easter Bunny came to be associated with the annual Spring season holiday! [Read more…]

Easter Card Ideas for Family And Friends

It won’t be too difficult to find good Easter card ideas because many cards and websites carry such a wide variety. Still, some want that perfect Easter card for their loved one, friend or other acquaintance.  It’s also confusing for some to decide if a religious-themed card is appropriate.  So here’s some tips and advice to help out when shopping for those Easter holiday gift cards! [Read more…]

Easter Gifts for Kids or Toddlers

Buying special Easter gifts for toddlers or kids Easter baskets can seem like a difficult task each year. Parents know that the baskets should always be age appropriate. This means the gifts given to a child when they were six may very well not be cool anymore when their eight. There are many gifts that are known classics for young children, older children and toddlers. Each age group has their own special gifts that are age appropriate and “cool”. [Read more…]

Easter Gift Baskets for Children

Easter is the time to welcome spring and enjoy painting eggs and munching on chocolate bunnies with your kids. While some people really enjoy filling up their Easter baskets themselves, many great options are available that are really great and filled with really exciting things for everyone. [Read more…]

Easter Sunday 2011 Holiday Information

For Easter Sunday 2011, the religious holiday will be on Sunday, April 24, 2011.  This is a special time for those of the Catholic faith.  That’s two days after the Good Friday observance.  For the holiday, families will be attending church services, hosting Easter egg hunts, and enjoying a family dinner together. [Read more…]

When is the Easter Sunday 2011 Date?

Many people are wondering when is Easter Sunday 2011 date this year?  The latest Easter holiday date in America will be coming up very soon and kids all over are excited for the fun-filled holiday!  On this special religious holiday, all the children will be excited to get a visit from the famous Easter Bunny.  Tradition has the Easter Bunny leaving children a basket full of goodies and also hiding Easter eggs around homes, yards and other community parks or areas. [Read more…]