Target Black Friday Deals Revealed in Facebook Game

Some of the upcoming Target Black Friday 2013 deals have been revealed via a new Facebook game app.  The game called “Black Friday Memory Match” gives an exclusive preview of just some of the deals that the retailer plans to offer this coming holiday shopping season.  We’ve uncovered eight of their deals ahead of the Target Black Friday ad’s official release!  You  can play the game here, or read on to see all of the deals that have been teased so far.  There’s quite a bit to check out! [Read more…]

Black Friday 2013: 3DS XL Sales & Deals vs. Sony PS Vita

The latest Black Friday 2013 3DS XL sales and deals will be among the hottest in the video game world, along with big ticket items like the Sony PlayStation 4, PS3, Microsoft Xbox One, 360, and the Nintendo Wii U.  The Nintendo 3DS XL is a portable, handheld gaming device for fans of many types of video games, and is comparable to the Sony Playstation (PS) Vita.  Here we’ll compare 3DS XL vs. Sony PS Vita portable devices, and provide any of the latest sales or deals for the 3DS on Black Friday 2013.  View latest 3DS XL prices here, and read on for more help! [Read more…]