Sookie Stackhouse Costume for Halloween

No doubt, fans of movies will always want to dress up like their favorite characters when Halloween arrives. That certainly is true for the popular HBO series “True Blood”.   This television show has really become famous in pop culture and so is their major character, Sookie Stackhouse. She is an attractive blond that is romantically attached to Bill Compton, a formidable vampire. Sookie Stachhouse is a very strong lady and a role model for many young women today. This is why the Sookie Stackhouse costume is one of the top choices for women to wear heading into each Halloween. [Read more…]

Black Widow Costume for Women a Popular Choice

Want to be sexy like the Black Widow from “Iron Man 2”?  The Black Widow costume is based on the superhero played by actress Scarlett Johansson in the “Iron Man” sequel and “The Avengers” film for 2012.  Currently, this Halloween costume is one of the red hot sellers as it is gaining popularity.  October 31st is approaching yet again, and females want that unique, extra-sexy costume! [Read more…]

Miss Scissorhands Halloween Costume for Women

When it comes to creative Halloween costumes for women this year, there are plenty to choose from.  Many of these clever costumes are based on movie or TV characters who are normally portrayed by males.  The Miss Scissorhands costume is everything a discerning girl or woman could want to look both with it and pretty at her Halloween party or outing! [Read more…]

Creative Halloween Costumes for Women 2011 Ideas

There’s been a wide variety of creative Halloween costumes for women in 2011 showing up on the costume markets.  In this post, we’ll present some clever new costume ideas to all of those women looking for something unique for October 31st! [Read more…]

Angry Birds Halloween Costume for Sale for Kids & Adults

This coming Halloween, you just might see a lot of Angry Birds running around the streets. Its been the most popular game for kids and adults played on phones, tablets and laptop computers everywhere.   There’s several reasons why Angry Birds could also be one of the most popular Halloween Costumes ever! [Read more…]

Five Creative Halloween Costumes For Women

Want to look unique and different this year for Halloween? There is plenty of time left to come up with an unforgettable creative Halloween costume for women.  Below we’ve listed out or five creative Halloween costumes for women to help you in your search for that ultimate October 31st dress-up idea! [Read more…]