Sexy Superhero Halloween Costumes for Women

Many women enjoy dressing up for Halloween, and sexy superhero costumes are always a huge hit. Not only do men love superheros, but women also love them, and often these costumes can be the stuff fantasies are made of. The following are several popular costumes of the sexy superhero variety. Which one will you wear this year for Halloween?

Sexy Catwoman Costume

Catwoman Adult CostumeThe recent updates on the ticket sales of the movie ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ show that the third in the series was a huge success. The suave and beautiful Anne Hathaway who plays the slinky burglar known to all as Catwoman or Selina Kyle, has inspired many women to dress up as Catwoman this year for Halloween.

This character, impeccably clad in tight-fitting spandex has won a lot of popularity among both males and females. If you too wish to dress up like this stunning woman, then you can buy the official Catwoman costume from the movie. It includes all the accessories you need to be one sexy cat for Halloween.  You can find the newest version of this costume at

Sexy Supergirl Halloween Costume for Women

Justice League - Supergirl Corset Adult CostumeFor a long time, superhero costumes have been a rage with children. However, men started wearing them after our superheroes like Batman and Superman came of age. Now, women have also thought of slipping into the rubber and spandex to look super sexy for Halloween. The different superhero costumes for women include costumes of those beautiful and smart women who feature along with the heroes in comic books and movies.

For instance, there is a costume which will help a woman to look like the heroic Supergirl. She is actually the sidekick of the famous superhero Superman. This super costume includes a suit modeled on the costume of the Supergirl. There is a nice bright blue top with the trademark red ‘S’ emblazoned across the chest. Also, there is a nice and sexy red short skirt below. This makes for a gorgeous outfit that would make any woman feel super sexy.

Sexy Batgirl Halloween Costume for Women

Batgirl Deluxe Adult CostumeIt is not right for adults to believe that superhero costumes for women have to be exactly faithful to the original character because these crime fighters are often men. The truth is that costumes that are traditionally for men can end up being turned into a woman’s costume that is truly sexy!

For instance, there is a new outfit that has been modeled on the real look of the Batgirl. This outfit is actually a nice corset that has been modeled with a large bat-shaped symbol which is located near the chest. This symbol makes it all the sexier. The corset dress also comes with a cape attached to it in the back. Thus, this costume is superhero sexy.

Wonder Woman Superhero Halloween Costume for Women

Wonder Woman Corset Adult CostumeFinally, there is also another superhero costume which has been loosely modeled on the sexiest super-heroine ever. This is the costume modeled on the svelte and curvy Wonder Woman. This costume is super sexy for Halloween.

However, it is nonetheless quite sexy and sensuous. The entire thing is made of a corset which does not have any sleeves. Then, the corset is followed by a gorgeous blue skirt with attractive patterns and designs of stars on it. Thus, the entire costume is also attached with a wonderful flowing cape. The cape adds to the artistry and it makes a woman feel as sexy as the Wonder Woman. Finish the entire look off with red stockings and red high heels, or get some over-the-knee red boots.

The great thing about these superhero costumes, is they can be some of the most creative costumes for women.  You can make your own styles, add accessories, wigs, makeup, fake weapons, and other props to really turn heads in your favorite character’s costume!

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