Sexy Halloween Costumes Ideas 2011 for Men & Women

Ready for Halloween 2011?  Do you know what your sexy Halloween costume in 2011 will be yet?  Holiday Gift Nation realizes that most big holidays arrive quicker than anticipated.  With that said, October 31st is approaching fast, so we’ve got our top 10 sexy Halloween costumes ideas in 2011 for men and women!

Twice Upon a Time Reversible Adult Costume

Year in and out, women tend to show up looking sexier than men with their Halloween costumes.  So it’s important once again this year to find that sexy costume that will really make the night of October 31st that much hotter.  For women it looks like there’s a good variety of brand new offerings for 2011’s sexy Halloween costumes.  There’s the anime Wonder Woman costume and a female version of the popular Johnny Depp movie character called Miss Edward Scissorhands (pictured below).  Other new entries for 2011 include the Babydoll “Sucker Punch” costume and a Deluxe Red Riding Hood costume available at online costume site.

Edward Scissorhands - Miss Scissorhands Adult Costume

Top 10 Sexy Halloween costumes for Women, 2011:

01) Anime – Wonder Woman Adult Costume
02) Miss Edward Scissorhands
03) Sexy Peacock Costume
04) Beer Garden Girl
05) Pirate Wench Costume
06) Sucker Punch – Babydoll Adult Costume
07) Deluxe Red Riding Hood Costume
08) All That Jazz Costume
09) Top Gun Women’s Flight Costume
10) Sexy Swashbucker Pirate Girl

How about for the males out there?  Well, we’ve got the sexiest Halloween costumes in 2011 for men, so far as well.  Women love to see their men in costume!  In 2011, there’s all kinds of great costume ideas for men.  These include Top Gun, a pirate, a tight end football player, SWAT commander and the popular “Handsome Devil” (seen below).

Handsome Devil Elite Collection Adult Costume

Top 10 Sexy Men’s Halloween costumes 2011 list:

01) Top Gun Men’s Flight Suit Adult Costume
02) SWAT Commander Costume
03) Beer Guy Costume
04) Handsome Devil Elite Costume
05) Football Tight End Costume
06) Cut Throat Pirate Adult Costume
07) Ring Master Adult Costume
08) Disco Shirt – Flame Hologram
09) Noble Warrior Costume
10) German Lederhosen Costume

With many of the above options you’ll notice there are both male and female versions on the popular lists.  This will give some great ideas for couples as they plan for Halloween parties and other outings.  Also, don’t forget that Halloween isn’t the only time to get in those sexy costumes.  These are great for all sorts of occasions and fun times all year round!

Holiday Gift Nation will continue to bring more Halloween costume info and other holiday news prior to the October 31st holiday, so stay tuned!

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