Popular Halloween Costumes & Ideas for 2013 & Beyond!

With Halloween fast approaching, look for inspiration from the most unlikely sources for your unique costume this year.  You can choose from these popular Halloween costumes ideas in 2013, which range from Daft Punk costumes to Duck Dynasty costumes to everyone’s favorite – the Miley Cyrus twerkin’ VMA’s costume.  Halloween 2013 will witness enough superheroes and witches walking around the streets, but scandal-inclined politicians and crazy internet themes are likely to provide enough inspiration for other Halloween costumes of 2013. Even though many people are still attracted to the traditional costumes, there are indications that people are becoming increasingly creative with their choices and basing them on pop culture phenomenons.

Great Gatsby Flapper costumeGoogle Shopping data has provided the top ten costumes this year, based on popular online searches.  Among them are movie concepts, games, musical celebs, TV show icons and more.  The Great Gatsby costume and flapper options (shown at left), inspired by a recent chartbuster film, is one of the top ten “trending” costumes for 2013, and is joined by everyone’s favorite Caped Crusader, Batman, as well as those “Despicable Me” Minion costumes.

According to Google Shopping stats, consumers are looking for relevant costumers based on hit songs, epic films, and popular TV shows. For example, the top ten trending Halloween costume ideas for 2013 include “Breaking Bad” (based on Heisenberg or the Walter White character), The Fox (inspired by Ylvis’ top video song “What does the Fox say?”), Daenerys (from Game of Thrones) and characters based on the popular Minecraft games.

This year’s trendiest and most popular costumes, however are inspired by Miley Cyrus’ latest performance at the annual MTV Video Music Awards (VMA’s) gala coupled with her greatly controversial habits. The Miley Cyrus foam finger and various shirts are available on Amazon in addition to the Robin Thicke outfit (which is basicallly “Beetlejuice” with no mask), as well as a chain and a ball for everyone who needs to redesign the past “Hannah Montana” celebrities” Wrecking Ball” video.

Miley Cyrus VMA costume

Above: Miley Cyrus VMA’s Inspired Costumes & Shirts

Based on Google’s Shopping data, the leading costumes searches for this year’s Halloween celebrations include the following:

1. Minion costume
2. Miley Cyrus costume
3. Minecraft costume
4. Daenerys costume
5. Gatsby dress costume
6. Daft Punk costume
7. Fox costume
8. Duck Dynasty costume
9. Breaking Bad costume
10. Batman costume

These ten costumes certainly span pop culture and reach across the various forms of media including movies, music, TV shows and video games. Which of the above costumes will you be shopping for this season, or will you opt for something entirely different?

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