Popular Halloween Costumes for Women This Year

With Halloween on the way, finding the most popular costumes for women is a concern for many females.  It seems to be a fierce competition out there for who can find the most unique, clever and sexy costume choices.  Many women usually try and take up a unique and different character to break away from their normal personality. There are plenty of popular Halloween costumes this year which will help do that!

Look for fairy tale and Disney princesses, sexy superheroes, and the traditional classic costumes to continue showing up this year at Halloween parties and events.  The good thing is accessories can really make your particular look unique, so keep that in mind when putting together the finishing touches on the makeup, or other items. Here’s some more ideas for popular costumes you can buy at BuyCostumes.com.

10 Popular Women’s Halloween Costumes:

The Avengers Black Widow Deluxe Adult Costume

The Avengers Black Widow Deluxe Adult Costume

01) Dark Knight Rises Catwoman
02) The Avengers Black Widow
03) Deluxe Sultry Swashbuckler
04) Navy Brat Adult Costume
05) Queen of Hearts Elite
06) Pirates of the Carribean Angelica
07) Ghost Lady Elite Costume
08) Enchanting Princess Costume
09) Queen of Hearts Elite Costume
10) Masters of the Universe SheRa

On the above list, superheroes are the way to go this Halloween for women, as Catwoman and Black Widow Halloween costumes both gained popularity with the release of “The Avengers” and “The Dark Knight Rises” blockbuster films.  Both costumes are defined by their sexy, sleek and skin-tight outfits!

Another of the more popular Halloween costumes that a woman can decide to go to a party with this year is a Snow White costume. If you remember that fairy tale well you will surely remember how much she had captured the imagination of the seven dwarfs with her good looks and fine dressing. Getting a Snow White costume will definitely have you turning heads in that outfit at costume parties. This costume comes in different bright colors.  It is also defined by its included red shoes, red skirt, blue bodice and a headband that matches with the costume.

Enchanting Princess Elite Collection Adult Costume

Enchanting Princess Elite Collection Adult Costume

Cinderella is also a good way to show up for a Halloween party. If you remember how captivating this beauty was that the prince charming had to start looking for days later with just her glass slipper as the only visible remnant. This is available in the form of a full dress. This costume comes with a petticoat, gloves and a matching head band that goes with the dress. A Cinderella costume would never be complete without the glass slippers that will have Prince Charming looking for his Cinderella.

Women can also decide to show up for a costume part as Beauty who was one half of the Beauty and The Beast couple. This is available in the form of a beautiful yellow dress which has an organza peplum attached to it. It also has a white petticoat which is accompanied by gloves that are fingerless. There is also a head band which comes in the same color as the dress that will make any woman standout.

Snow White Disney Evil Queen Adult Costume

Snow White Disney Evil Queen Adult Costume

By the way, females don’t always have to go to a party playing the “good girl,” as females can also choose to show up as a villain. As a woman, you can choose to go into the costume party dressed up as the evil queen in the Snow White story. This comes in the form of a purple dress that is short, a detachable cape, a black corset and a crown to complete the queen look. Just to have people remembering who you are, you can also bring an apple along to complete that picture.

These are just some of the costumes that a woman can decide to wear into a Halloween costume party.  Other costume ideas include dressing up in a sexy gangster costume, as a sexy superhero, pirate, French maid, or many other classic costumes.  You can view a wide variety of the latest popular women’s Halloween costumes at BuyCostumes.com!

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