Popular Halloween Costumes for Boys This Year

Halloween is traditionally observed on the 31st of October each year. The word Halloween is a shortening of All Hallows evening which comes on the evening before all saints day. Traditionally people used to wear costumes modeled after supernatural figures; these included ghosts, monsters, skeletons and witches. However, as time advanced costumes from fiction superheroes including those from popular science fiction movies were introduced. Today, adults as well as children are seen in costume similar to that won by fiction characters including superman, Harry Potter and spider man on Halloween nights. Below are some of the more popular Halloween costumes for boys this year.

The Avengers Movie Costumes for Boys:

The Avengers Iron Man Mark VII Light Up Muscle Chest Child Costume

The Avengers Iron Man Mark VII Light Up Muscle Chest Child Costume

Previously The Avengers was a group of Superheroes appearing on a comic book series until the release of The Avengers movie in 2012. Since this is a group of superheroes, one can choose costume worn by one of the male characters. It can either be The Hulk, Thor, Captain America or the legendary Iron Man. After the debut release of the comic book in the year 1963, other characters including robots, gods, aliens and mutants have also been introduced. A boy can choose any of the new Avengers costumes featured in the popular Avengers film.

Dark Knight Rises & Batman Costumes for Boys:

Batman is another of the most requested costumes for boys this Halloween.  The Caped Crusaer is a supernatural hero created in a comic book series by DC comics and has starred in many action adventure movies. Boys especially love the character for his supernatural abilities which include perfect mental and physical coordination, high level intellect, mastery of disguise and many more. This has been one of the popular costumes for boys ever since the debut release of the first film years ago, leading up to the 2012 hit movie, The Dark Knight Rises.  The newest movie has spawned some great new costumes including the villain named Bane and Batman’s latest look.

See the Batman costume for boys here: Batman Dark Knight Deluxe Muscle Chest Batman Child Costume

Amazing SpiderMan Costume for Boys:

The Amazing Spider-Man Light Up Muscle Chest Child Costume

The Amazing Spider-Man Light Up Muscle Chest Child Costume

After watching Spiderman, it is hard to resist selecting the costume for a memorable Halloween night. Spiderman is a science fiction character known all over the world for his abilities which include extreme physical strength, ability to cling on most surfaces and hand-to-hand combatant. Teenager boys especially identify with this character as the best of all comic book and fiction movies superheroes. The guising costume can be found online in varying sizes.

X-Men Wolverine Costume for Boys

Wolverine is another of the characters set to compete against iron man. The character has appeared in some of the sci-fi episodes and is gaining popularity as a revolutionary. You can select the costume for a fantastic Halloween night especially if you will be looking to distinguish your child from other boys in Spiderman, Iron man, Batman and the Hulk costumes.   Wolverine is the popular character from the X-Men movies, played by Hugh Jackman.

See the Wolverine costume here: Wolverine Origins Classic Muscle Child Costume

Other Popular Costumes for Boys This Halloween:

Power Rangers Gold Samurai Ranger Muscle Chest Child Costume

Power Rangers Gold Samurai Ranger Muscle Chest Child Costume

If you wish, you can select other popular costumes portraying popular movie characters. These include: Harry Porter, Ninjas, The Power Rangers and Prince Charming. Online shops have a large assortment of the costumes for every boys interests, be sure to submit precise measurements to avoid purchasing costume which might either be to big or too small for you.

Purchasing these costumes online also gives you some additional benefits. They come at a cheaper price, they are authentic and will be delivered just in time. If you are a guardian or a parent, consider the interests of your child before purchasing costumes for them. They can be a wonderful gift idea if the child’s birthday comes some days before the Halloween night, or if you are planning a special themed birthday party!

We highly recommend finding your costumes at the BuyCostumes.com website which offers thousands of choices and great deals on prices as well as same-day shipping!

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