Poison Ivy Costume Ideas for Halloween

poison ivy costume ideas for halloween

Which Poison Ivy costume is best for you? We’ll help you decide!

If you’re looking for Poison Ivy costume ideas for Halloween, you’ve find the right spot! With the October holiday always a fun time for dressing up in the coolest, sexiest and most inspired costumes, we present to you another one of the top superhero costumes for women. The Poison Ivy super villain comes straight from the DC comic book world and is known for her infectious appeal which drives men crazy. Batman and Robin know her well as seen in the comics and on the big screen. So read on to learn about the different Poison Ivy costumes for sale that you can dress to impress in this season or go here to shop all Ivy costumes!

Are you ready for Halloween or your big costume event? Superheroes and villains continue to take the planet by storm each year and remain popular annually. It’s no surprise that many of the fan favorites from the Batman comic books are among the highly sought after looks. Let’s check out three great choices from one of the most fun female villains to cross Batman’s path.

Women’s Lethal Beauty Costume

womens lethal beauty costume

If you want to make the other ladies out there green with envy, you’ll want to don the Womens Lethal Beauty costume. It captures the Poison Ivy look perfectly as it features an adjustable dress along with mask, glovettes and boot covers all adorned with faux leaves. You’ll need a good pair of green boots to go along with it the hairstyle or long red hair wig. Once you’ve got all those Poison Ivy accessories together, you’re ready to start some trouble with costumed crusaders you spot out and about!

Poison Ivy Adult Costume

poison ivy adult costume

Next on our list of ideas for this super villain’s costumes is the Poison Ivy Adult costume. You can become the evil seductress known for taunting and troubling Batman in the faux suede jade mini-dress with back zipper closure. It also features a lime green trim and green organza underlay with special ivy embellishments, as well as the headpiece, glovelets and ivy boa! You’ll want dark shoes, greenish or nude tights and most likely the redheaded wig to finish off your head-to-toe ensemble!

Poison Ivy Vixen Costume

poison ivy vixen costume

Our final selection on the list of costumes is the Poison Ivy Vixen Costume. It’s got a different style look from the other two choices in that it features a one-piece green jumpsuit rather than a skirt or dress. However, this still captures the essence of the character known for her balance between femininity and nature’s beauty. The costume has a deep v-neck on front and the mesh front coordinates with ivy leaves. There’s also a matching headband to incorporate into the look. Once again, the right shoes and wig will be the essential accessories to really make your outfit wow all those other party-goers!

So there you have three great Poison Ivy costume ideas for Halloween or any other special event you need a costume for. We’d recommend you check out our other women’s superhero costume ideas for even more inspiration. Then, find a male or female friend or two and have then tag along as Batman, Robin, Harley Quinn and/or the Joker!

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