Most Popular Halloween Costumes Right Now

most popular halloween costumes

With October 31st always approaching quicker than ever, it’s best to be prepared for the the holiday in terms of what outfit you’ll be dressing up in. Here at Holiday Gift Nation we’re constantly keeping an eye on the most popular Halloween costumes for our readers so you know exactly which ideas you may want to shop for, whether it’s for you, yourself, a significant other or your child. Below you’ll find the top costumes with links for men, women and children. Click on any image in order to shop even more of the most popular and hottest costumes available online right now!

Most Popular Women’s Costumes Right Now

most popular womens halloween costumes

Selections include: Jurrasic World T-Rex, Big Hero 6 inflatable costume, Maleficient & Catwoman.

Most Popular Men’s Costumes Right Now

most popular mens halloween costumes

Selections include: Jurassic World T-Rex, Darth Vader Deluxe, Batman Joker and Big Hero 6 inflatable.

Most Popular Boys Halloween Costumes

most popular boys halloween costumes

Selections include: Halo Master Chief, Star Wars Kylo Ren, Big Hero 6 Baymax and Darth Vader Deluxe.

Most Popular Girls Halloween Costumes

most popular girls halloween costumes

Selections include: Frozen Elsa, Disney’s Descendants Mal Isle and Disney Inside Out Disgust Costume.

Where to Buy Halloween Costumes?

When it comes to finding the best selection of Halloween costumes, we at the Holiday Gift Nation site strongly recommend that you check out the Buy Costumes website. They have thousands of the best costumes in stock at competitive prices with ongoing sales, discounts and shipping specials. As of right now, new customers who head to the site and sign up with their email address are getting a special discount off their order!

amazon halloween shop

See the latest deals on costumes at Halloween Shop! Which costume will you get?

Our next choice is the Amazon Halloween Shop, which also features a great selection of costumes for adults, boys and girls. Amazon Prime members get free two-day shipping on many costumes or accessories, making this a great way to buy your Halloween costumes now!

Get the Most Popular Costumes Early!

Each year different costumes seem to become the latest trends based on popular culture and big events revolving around them such as Comic Con, huge movie openings or celebrations. With the latest costume choices, we once again are seeing the classic favorites, superheros, Disney, Star Wars and other movie and television characters popping up on the lists. It gives you plenty to work with when selecting your Halloween costume ideas for yourself and your loved ones!

As you’ll notice above, the Jurassic World inflatable T-Rex costume and the Big Hero 6 Baymax inflatable costumes are both popular for men and women. The Big Hero costume spans across the mens, womens and boys categories as well. Star Wars, Batman and Disney also tend to be popular selections, but keep in mind that these may not just be due to the holiday but due to Comic Con events or any upcoming movies!

Other costumes you may find among the popular costume choices this year are Harry Potter, witches, pirates, Avengers, Superman, Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, Princess Leia and Disney’s Frozen Snowman. The great part of this is that you can make it a couples or group outing by going as a bunch of the characters from a specific TV show or movie whether you’re out trick or treating or hitting the party scene!

(Most popular costumes obtained via Buy Costumes)