Miss Scissorhands Halloween Costume for Women

When it comes to creative Halloween costumes for women this year, there are plenty to choose from.  Many of these clever costumes are based on movie or TV characters who are normally portrayed by males.  The Miss Scissorhands costume is everything a discerning girl or woman could want to look both with it and pretty at her Halloween party or outing!
Edward Scissorhands - Miss Scissorhands Adult CostumeThe new Miss Scissorhands Halloween costume is currently a bestseller at BuyCostumes.com and sells for under $55 .  The creative costume pays tribute to the bizarre character played by Johnny Depp in the classic movie from Tim Burton.  Edward Scissorhands had hands consisting of scissors, making it tough for him to fit in with the normal folks.  However, the town began to embrace him and his legend grew as he showed off his skills with scissors.    Now the new Miss Scissorhands costume is available for female fans of Johnny Depp and the movie who want one of the more creative Halloween costumes for women!

An homage to the movie “Edward Scissorhands”, this costume is both edgy and a little bit sexy while retaining the accuracy of the original costume Edward wore in the movie. The costume is a licensed Edward Scissorhands product, so even though it is intended for a woman instead of a man the buyer can be sure it is still authentic as it gets.

Instead of the pants that Edward wore, this costume is a very fierce, short black dress with attached sleeves and faux leather strips and rings. The gloves that come with the dress already have the scissors attached, so no sewing or stitches are required to put it together. Right out of the box you can be sure that the scissors on the gloves won’t be lost in all of your wildest Halloween festivities you’ll undoubtedly be attending. The cut up look of the dress is very punk in its elegance and it adds to the overall effect in that it matches the scissors on the gloves.

Check out the Edward Scissorhands – Miss Scissorhands Adult Costume

The dress comes with a black curly wig, reminiscent of the crazy, poofy hairstyle Edward wore. The costume also includes a choker necklace and a black belt, tying the costume together very nicely into a matching ensemble.

Though not included with the costume, wearing black stockings and leather, high-heeled boots that lace all the way up will really give this costume that extra kick it needs to keep all eyes at the party on you.  These can be purchased at the same website offering the costume right now.

This creative Halloween costume comes in Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large and other sizes!  We recommend BuyCostumes.com for this Miss Scissorhands costume and other great Halloween costume ideas!

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