Thanksgiving & Holiday Cookie Recipe eBooks Free!

Free Cookbooks HGN Promo 2015

Two free holiday recipe eBooks available until 11/27 at

Two cookbooks are being offered as a free promotion through Amazon’s website starting today and running through November 27th. These cookbooks from Juliana Yates feature a variety of great recipes just in time for the holiday season. With Thanksgiving days away, some of those responsible for the meal, or bringing other dishes to the dinner may be scrambling for ideas. The Best Thanksgiving Recipes book will help give some guidance and suggestions in the right direction! [Read more…]

How Many Calories in a Peep? Easter Candy Info

Wondering how many calories in a peep?  Peeps are the famous marshmallow candy rabbits and chicks that are found in many Easter baskets on Easter Sunday.  They come in a variety of colors, flavors and styles.  These yummy treats taste great, but what is the peeps nutrition info?  Are peeps good or bad for you? [Read more…]

Easter Recipe for How to Make Deviled Eggs

The most necessary Easter recipe is one for how to make deviled eggs. With all the colored Easter eggs people dye for the festivities and hunts, there are plenty of hard boiled eggs left. What are you going to do with them? An obvious idea is to make some of the deviled eggs. [Read more…]

Traditional Easter Foods

For Christians, Easter is one an incredibly important date. The day and its meaning is incredibly important for the religion, but people, Christian or not, often use the holiday as a time to connect with friends and family over a table filled with Easter Foods.  Below you’ll find a guide for the most traditional foods for Easter Sunday. [Read more…]