Easter Gifts for Kids or Toddlers

Buying special Easter gifts for toddlers or kids Easter baskets can seem like a difficult task each year. Parents know that the baskets should always be age appropriate. This means the gifts given to a child when they were six may very well not be cool anymore when their eight. There are many gifts that are known classics for young children, older children and toddlers. Each age group has their own special gifts that are age appropriate and “cool”.

So what sorts of Easter gifts are good for toddlers or kids?  For the younger children, they should have gifts that are geared towards arousing sensory and learning. For toddlers there are many things to choose from; stuffed animals are a classic. It should be noted that extra precaution should be given to make sure the one bought has no protruding eyes or button noses that the child could choke on. Other great ideas include books or toddler level learning games are always a winner.

Additional great classic gifts are video’s or DVD’s of Sesame Street or sing a-longs. On the more expensive side a young computer for preschoolers can be great. This is a gift that can busy them for hours while teaching them many new important skills.

For older children there are a different level of classics, chalk, yo-yo’s, Slinky’s, board games, puzzles, kites and a waffle ball and bat. Here too video’s and DVD’s though a bit more advanced you can be certain children’s movie’s are a sure winner in their hearts. Books and video educational tools are a great gift as well. On a more advanced price tag an instrument is a wonderful gift most children will love to explore.  The LEGO Easter Bunny rabbit shown below is yet another cool gift item for many ages.

As the children get into their tween, preteen and teen years, being cool is very important to them.  However, books and board games are still a sure fire classic regardless of the age. Skateboards, rollerblades, roller skates and movie passes are all time favorites as well. On the more expensive side giving them new equipment for their favorite hobby or computer software are sure fire gifts to make them smile.  Some may prefer video games or music.  Gift cards or certificates are also great Easter gift ideas as well so they can choose exactly what it is they want!

Top off any basket with something heartwarming and special to them as well as a little decadent chocolate or sweet treat along with the usual Easter fanfare and it will make for a great Easter basket for any kids or toddlers!

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