Daenerys Targaryen Costume for Sale: Ideas for Halloween 2013

The new Daenerys Targaryen costume for sale based on “Game of Thrones,” is easily among the most popular costume ideas for Halloween 2013.  For those familiar with the hit HBO series, she is also known as Khaleesi or Mother of Dragons, and plenty of girls and adult women are looking to find the right Daenerys Targaryen outfit including a signature dress, wig, and other accessories to complete the look.  We’ll provide you the latest on this particular Game of Thrones costume idea featuring the Daenerys costume.  You can scan below for some of the available ideas, or check out some of the available Daenerys costumes here at Amazon.

Many Halloween costumes get their meaning when there is a special pop culture reference that is attached to it.  That’s why so many trick-or-treaters or holiday celebrants tend to pay homage to the famous people in society, whether they are actors, musicians, politicians, movie characters or sports heroes. It is normal to see several people dress up like witches and ghosts too, but that tends to hinge upon too plain and ordinary. We fully believe that females dressing up in the Daenerys Targaryen costume could be among the most unique and creative costumes to show up for the party this coming Halloween 2013.  The ensemble pictured below is one of our favorite selections in terms of what’s available for sale in terms of the warrior princess.

Daenerys Targaryen Costume

Greek Goddess Adult Costume

Daenerys is a highly motivated and fantasy character who has generated a lot of interest in females being her, whether it’s for Halloween, or any other special dress-up party.  If you are looking for ideas on how to dress up for the Halloween event, it is important that you look beyond the event. You have to go against enjoying your own version of the costume and create the best possible costume that can bring out Daenerys character.

One of the most distinctive features about Daenerys is her pale complexion and flaxen hair, seen by the selection of Daenerys wigs available for your costume. You will also need to choose the right makeup to help you achieve her pale look. Your eyebrows should remain dark and full at all times. While dressing up for her character, it is important that you find the right wig and hairstyle, such as the one below.  If you have the hair for it already, your hair should be held in complicated braided patterns. You can utilize her exact look or definitely use something simpler that will replicate the right kind of paper. You can top it off with a wig cap that will crown your hair to appear personal.

Daenerys Wig

Latest Danerys wigs for sale

You can make use of soft flowing gowns or alternatively leather and scales. You will have a choice to either opt for modesty in your dressing or possibly bare some skin. If you want more revealing gowns then leather should be your choice. Court gowns are considered to be more transparent. You can make your personal choice on the two designs depending on your taste.

The Wilderness’ costume is not majorly utilized but it is certainly capable of so many fun and creative possibilities when designing it. Its bodice is designed with the correct style that has a skirt attached to it. However, you will play a big part in roughing up the fabrics by adding a few more layers of depth as well as the right metallic jewelry to your outfit.  With all the accessorizing, this just might be among the most fun costumes to wear out for Halloween 2013 if you can be creative in personalizing it.  Check out the video shown below for tips on how to do the makeup for your Daenerys costume as well!

View the latest Greek Warrior Costume here for your Daenerys Tangaren look!

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