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couple halloween costumes

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When it comes to couple Halloween costumes, some of the most creative costume ideas can be dreamt up or purchased right now. Among the bestselling selections for couples at BuyCostumes website are everyday objects such as foods and other items we see in our daily lives. For example, there’s the milk and cookies, the salt and pepper shakers, and the egg and bacon costumes that make for clever and fun couples costumes that aren’t generally what’s being worn out and about on Halloween. Let’s dive into the top selections available right now at Buy Costumes or Amazon’s Halloween Shop. We’ll also give food for thought on some of the cool DIY costume ideas floating around!

Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich Couples Costume

They say some couples just go together naturally like Peanut Butter and Jelly! Well maybe not, but this costume is a great take on a classic sandwich that everyone knows and loves. Show off your unique style by going out as the smooth, creamy peanut butter and sweet, tasty jelly sides of this great couples costume set. Arrive at the party with a different look that isn’t that same superhero or celebrity costume every other couple has on!

Plug & Socket Costume for Couples

Some couples have that natural electricity between them and just make for a perfect fit for one another. With the Plug and Socket costume, you can show that off when you’re out and about at that next party!

SNL Spartan Cheerleaders Costume for Couples


Saturday Night Live had all sorts of funny sketches and skits over the years including the Spartan Cheerleaders made famous by Will Ferrell and Cheri OTeri. Ready? OK! You know the rest, show your Spartan spirit by donning this great men’s and women’s costume set and get the party kicked into high gear wherever you go!

Top 10 Couple Halloween Costumes Bestsellers:

  1. Adult SNL Spartan Cheerleaders
  2. Peanut Butter & Jelly Couple Costume
  3. Plug & Socket Adult Costume
  4. Adult Cookies & Milk Costume
  5. Adult Elf on the Shelf Costume
  6. Bacon & Eggs Adult Costume
  7. Plug & Socket Adult Plus Size
  8. Adult Flasher Couples Costume
  9. Wine and Cheese Couples Costume
  10. Adam & Eve Adult Costume

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Other Couple Costume Ideas for Halloween:

As mentioned above, you can go with some of those original classics, or make a play on a current trend. Examples of this are to go as popular celebrity couples such as Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, or Jay-Z and Beyonce. You could go as Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton, or Bill and Hilary. There’s also the hilarious Katy Perry and that wacky left shark costume from her Super Bowl performance. Other famous couples to consider are Popeye and Olive Oil or Mickey Mouse and Minnie.

Some of the best do-it-yourself (DIY) costume ideas for couples include going as a 70’s couple, or as a grandma and grandpa. You can also go as a vampire and his bride, or consider taking on the trends of zombies, vampires or yes, even superheroes!

Basically the sky’s the limit in terms of couples Halloween costume ideas. You can truly unleash your creativity this Halloween by picking up the right accessories including wigs, masks, makeup and other items through BuyCostumes or the Amazon Halloween Shop. Remember to stay safe and have tons of fun this October holiday!

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