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When it comes to couple Halloween costumes, some of the most creative costume ideas can be dreamt up or purchased right now. Among the bestselling selections for couples at BuyCostumes website are everyday objects such as foods and other items we see in our daily lives. For example, there’s the milk and cookies, the salt and pepper shakers, and the egg and bacon costumes that make for clever and fun couples costumes that aren’t generally what’s being worn out and about on Halloween. Let’s dive into the top selections available right now at Buy Costumes or Amazon’s Halloween Shop. We’ll also give food for thought on some of the cool DIY costume ideas floating around! [Read more…]

Wonder Woman Halloween Costume in Regular & Plus Size

Wonder Woman Costume Ideas for Halloween

The Wonder Woman Plus Size Costume along with the Wonder Woman Deluxe Adult Costume are perennial favorites among top superhero Halloween costumes for adults. So many women enjoy tuning into their inner Wonder Woman all year long, and Halloween provides the perfect opportunity to actually dress up like her too. Women wear so many hats like those of friend, daughter, girlfriend, aunt, wife, or mother! Quite obviously, women in today’s world are all superheros in their own ways. [Read more…]

Duck Dynasty Costume Ideas for Halloween 2013

Once again it is the Halloween season and everyone is looking for a unique costume idea. Recently America’s biggest cable reality show Duck Dynasty is taking the world by storm. The Duck Dynasty stars are down-to-earth folks famous for their unkept and disheveled look. They have an established fan base also.

No wonder the Duck Dynasty fans are ready to dress up as Uncle Si this Halloween and hoot and holler all night long. If you are an ardent fan of Duck Dynasty, dress up this Halloween with Duck Dynasty costumes. The official Duck Dynasty costume comprises of a cap with an attached wig, a beard, moustache, vest and a pair of glasses.

Details of the official Duck Dynasty Halloween costume 2013:

Duck Dynasty CostumesThe official Duck Dynasty costume released for 2013 includes the Willie and Phil costume that fits almost all persons above the age of 14 and includes a camouflage vest, a beard, and a bandana with attached wig.

The Uncle Si costume which is also available as one size fits all above the age group of 14 comprises of a camouflage vest, beard, glasses and a hat with a wig attached to it. The vest is similar to the one Uncle Si wears in the TV show. Just by wearing the hat with an attached wig and gray beard you are sure to look like Uncle Si this Halloween. The official Duck Dynasty Halloween costume 2013 has been touted as the three all new, family certified, red neck approved costume officially released by the A&E hit TV series Duck Dynasty.

Where can I Buy the  Duck Dynasty Halloween Costume?

This year the official Duck Dynasty costume can be purchased from the various stores and the online shops like Walmart,,, and Party city. The cost of this costume ranges from $30 to $40. This outfit is available for sale for anybody who hopes to dress up like these real-life characters for Halloween this year.

The Robertson family has attracted the crowd in an unusual way. The Duck Dynasty Halloween costume is ideal to amaze your family and friends this year. Wearing this simple outfit you can look like your favorite TV star and grab the attention of all. Yes, audiences have been captivated by these characters so much so that they are eagerly looking forward to wear this costume this coming Halloween. Do not be surprised to see lots of people dressed up in this favorite Duck Dynasty costume this Halloween. Duck Dynasty is an easy and iconic costume to impress everyone this Halloween. Buy one today.

Now all you need is a Duck Dynasty costume makeup tutorial. Below is a great tutorial for how to achieve the  Duck Dynasty look.

Popular Halloween Costumes & Ideas for 2013 & Beyond!

With Halloween fast approaching, look for inspiration from the most unlikely sources for your unique costume this year.  You can choose from these popular Halloween costumes ideas in 2013, which range from Daft Punk costumes to Duck Dynasty costumes to everyone’s favorite – the Miley Cyrus twerkin’ VMA’s costume.  Halloween 2013 will witness enough superheroes and witches walking around the streets, but scandal-inclined politicians and crazy internet themes are likely to provide enough inspiration for other Halloween costumes of 2013. Even though many people are still attracted to the traditional costumes, there are indications that people are becoming increasingly creative with their choices and basing them on pop culture phenomenons. [Read more…]

Daft Punk Helmet Sale: Halloween Costume Ideas to Save Money

The Daft Punk helmet sale prices are relatively hefty for those looking to create a Halloween look or Daft Punk costume for any occasion.  Some of these “replica-style” helmets based on the popular music group are selling for $200 and upwards on sites including the eBay auction site.  However, creative individuals have been providing tutorials to make your own Daft Punk helmet, using simple materials such as a motorcycle helmet you can buy on Amazon. [Read more…]

Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Halloween Costumes for Kids & Teens

With Halloween quickly approaching, we’ve kept our eye on some of the trends in costumes. Lately we’ve noticed quite a rise in sales of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Halloween costumes for kids and teens. These can be found at various costume shops and websites prior to October 31st. Check out the costume ideas we have below for some unique outfits that others might not be wearing this Halloween! [Read more…]