Black Friday 2013 Ads, Sales & Deals

Black Friday 2013 will take place on November 29th, just a day after Thanksgiving Day. This day is referred to as Black Friday because most stores record the highest profit in the year during this shopping time. Black Friday logos usually incorporate the black (profit loss) and red color (gains) made up during this shopping time. Customers love this time of year for all the leaked ads, sales, deals, doorbusters and fun of the holiday shopping season. Some company websites start as early as a week ahead of the big day, such as

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Black Friday 2013 Ads


Most retailers and stores publish their killer sales in the magazines, newspapers and online websites. The ads were normally published on Thanksgiving Day giving customers a small window of time to plan out their shopping trips. Things are now changing faster; stores are getting overwhelmed about this day just like the consumers. Some stores start leaking the sales and adverts as early as October, while many more reveal the sales in November. Some stores have become creative and are listing special doorbuster items only on their websites. Some stores also offer different deals on their websites for customers.

Top 2013 Black Friday Sales Pages & Ads:


Click on any of the store logos above to see the latest sales flyers or Black Friday deals pages for the retailer.  These are some of the best online sales and deals available currently, with the ability to view retailers Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday sales deals online!

Online Verses Offline Shopping

Trends show that most Back Friday sales and shopping are now being done online. This is probably due to the convenience attached to online shopping versus going to the stores. Some of the great stores that one can look for great Black Friday deals from will include Best Buy, Target, Amazon, and Wal-Mart among many others. All these stores have a presence online and also have real world stores shopping malls and complexes. This can make it easier to find those “hard to find items.”

Helpful Black Friday Shopping Tips

– Decide on the priority items required.

– Save on huge and usually expensive items like HD TV as opposed to toothpaste.

-Look for stores with price matching; go for the cheaper store but with lower queues.

-Do your research to make sure you are getting the best possible deal. Install any helpful price finding apps or store-specific apps to help you find those savings and make sure items are in stock.

-If a website is offering a similar item for close to the same price or lower than in-store, you’re definitely going to want to stay home and shop from your computer.