Black Friday 2014 Predictions for Electronics, Toys & More!

Black Friday is known as one of the biggest shopping days of the year. Because of this, you can get the best deals from your favorite retailers. The day after Thanksgiving is considered as Black Friday which is officially or unofficially the start of the shopping season. This day is one of the busiest shopping days. Non-retail employees often take the day off to do some serious Christmas shopping.

This day is referred to as Black Friday as retailers make enough sales to put themselves “into the black ink”. As per accounting records red ink indicates loss and black ink incredible profits. In order to draw big crowd by offering attractive discounts retailers put their items on doorbuster sale on the morning of Thanksgiving itself or sometimes weeks before the actual event. It is interesting to note that millions of people are even willing to stand in long queues overnight in the cold weather to get the best deals. In recent years, Black Friday has become more extended often starting weeks ahead of the actual day as sales arrive online and in stores.

This year, Black Friday is on November 28, 2014. If you would prefer to skip the crowds at the stores, you can shop Black Friday 2014 on Amazon or any other retailer’s online store. Amazon has already announced its 2014 holiday toy list.

Black Friday 2014 at Amazon

Black Friday 2014

This year Black Friday will be celebrated by shoppers on the 28th of November. Weeks before the biggest shopping day of the year various advertisements highlighting the various doorbuster sales have been unofficially leaked online. This year Harbor freight tools has officially announced its incredibly impressive sales featuring deals on power tools weeks ahead of the other leading retailers. This year it is expected that opening hours will continue to creep more and more into Thanks Giving day. It is also anticipated that major retail outlets will hold multiple sales events to keep the shoppers throughout Thanks Giving and into the most expected Black Friday.

Black Friday 2014 Deals

For the bargain lovers Black Friday is the biggest festival and most anticipated day of the year. This day marks the traditional start of the Christmas shopping season with leading retailers offering substantial discounts on their products to woo the customers. It is the time of the year when holiday shopping is at its peak. This year, various stores have followed the new shopping frenzy of initiating their discount sales much earlier. This trend seems to be growing in popularity as people are aware that Black Friday deals could help them save serious money on shopping. Generally you will find an enormous selection of electronics, furniture, home and kitchen appliances, toys, clothing and many more. Most retailers offer fantastic value bundles and special buys.

Black Friday 2014 Predictions

Black Friday is the most anticipated shopping day of the year and experts are making predictions for the big day. Shoppers wake up during the wee hours of the morning to be the first ones to avail the best deals. This shopping day has indeed turned into a mega shopping week, beginning on the prior Tuesday through the following Monday. Brad’s deals has released the following Black Friday predictions for the year 2014. These predictions will definitely help the consumers know what types of prices to expect this year. The following is a detailed list of the Black Friday predictions on televisions, tablets, house-hold appliances and many more.

Unbelievable electronics deals

  1. Some retailers will offer 32 inches HDTV’s for as low as $78. This is because technology has advanced so much that a 32 inch HDTV is regarded as a low quality one and hence not on the top priority of serious buyers.
  2. Black Friday is anticipated to yield some of the best 4K TV deals. 50 inches 4K TV’s are predicted to go as low as $399.
  3. You can also expect an ultra bargain on 7 inches android tablets as they are predicted to fall as low as $29.99.
  4. Prices of the most appealing and versatile Kindle and Nook e-readers are also expected to significantly be cut down this Black Friday. These two products are predicted at an unbelievably low price of $99.
  5. The Microsoft surface 2 is also predicted at an impressive price of $199.
  6. The Samsung Galaxy tab 3 which is plenty in stock after the release of Samsung Galaxy 4 is predicted to be available at $99.
  7. The Samsung Galaxy note is also expected to drop as low as $349.
  8. You can also expect ipad plus gift card bundles from a price as low as $199 onwards.
  9. The most awaited iphone 6 (plus gift card) which was launched in September is expected to drop as low as $179.
  10. Iphone 5c and 5s along with gift card can also be expected for an overwhelming price of $50.
  11. The Samsung S5 is believed to be given for free with a two year contract.
  12. Gaming consoles are also expected to be offered at ultra-low prices. Xbox one and Play Station 4 which are lagging far behind in sales are presumed to be available for $399. Similarly Xbox and Play Station 3 are anticipated to go as low as $149.
  13. Those who are crazy about Beat DRE solo HD headsets can find them under $99.
  14. The FitBit Flex is also expected to be available from $79.

Huge home appliances deals

  1. You can expect to buy Keurig coffee makers starting from an incredibly astounding price of $45.
  2. You can also look forward to Kitchen Aid Mixers from $100 onwards.
  3. This Black Friday is the biggest day to buy the renowned Dyson vacuums for prices starting from $240.
  4. You can also look for Kenmore washer and dryer from $499.

Clothing and toys

  1. Cashmere sweater which is an all-time favorite of young women is expected to be available at deeply discounted rates of $29 onwards.
  2. Similarly fashion boots which are ideal for winter wear can be expected from $18.
  3. Frozen themed toys and clothing is also predicted to sell out fast this year on account of the slashed prices.

These predictions help you plan what you might buy for Black Friday 2014. This day will allow you to buy what you want at a slashed prices with minimal hassle if you choose to shop online. Of course, heading to the stores could cause some hassle, but many people enjoy the huge day of shopping. Yes, mark Black Friday on your calendar to avail some of the best deals from your favorite retailers. Many stores have started to publish their Black Friday ads. Online stores also offer great deals. To ensure that you grab the best deals you can sign up to receive email alerts on Black Friday delas. Hence watch out keenly and avail the special offers and discounted rates. Happy shopping on Black Friday 2014!

If for some reason you set out Black Friday 2014, there is always Cyber Monday 2014 for all your gift giving needs.

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