Black Friday 2013 Playstation 4, PS4 & Sony PS3 Sales Deals

When it comes to Black Friday 2013 Playstation 4 and the Sony PS3 s ales and deals will be among those many customers are seeking out. The Sony PlayStation 4, or PS4, as it is called, is the newest video game system, and the successor to the Sony PlayStation 3. Several stores are expected to offer great deals on the older system, the PS3 for shoppers who might want to pick up an inexpensive game and entertainment system.

Black Friday 2013 Playstation 4The Sony PlayStation 4 was announced earlier in 2013, and carries a standard starting price of $399 for the basic console. Pre-orders have been available on, and demand quickly exceeded the amount of consoles in supply.  Video game enthusiasts who already owned the PS3 instantly had to have the latest and greatest, leading to the short supply.  That’s not to say the consoles won’t be found in time for the holidays, but expecting a huge discount on the price may be stretching things.

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Also keep in mind, the basic system tends to come without any games, and with just one controller.  If you are buying it for a gift for several kids or a family, a game to play and an extra controller (or two) might be a smart purchase.

With that in mind, there may be some rare stores advertising the PS4 for sale during their Black Friday 2013 deals to get customers into the stores. We’re not sure as of this report if they will offer lower prices, but it’s always possible some retailers could toss in a gift card or other promotional item to sweeten the deal.

Among the popular video games for the PS4 console will be Watch Dogs, Call of Duty: Ghosts, Killzone: Shadow Fall, Assassin’s Creed IV and Battlefield 4.  You can view the latest PS4 games available here.  It’s possible savvy shoppers might even find some deals on these in stores for the Black Friday shopping extravaganza.  Some of these games might also be involved in bundle package deals at stores, along with other accessories.

Sony PlayStation 3 Black Friday deals

Sony PS3 Bundle Deals

As for the Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3), expect to see some good potential deals on that console, as well as bundle package deals and lowered prices on games. Last year, offered various video games on special lightning deals over the course of a week to really give some great gifts at discounted prices. We wouldn’t be surprised to see something similar happen with Amazon’s 2013 Black Friday sales and deals.  Last year, one of Walmart’s top ten deals was a special on the Xbox 360 and another on Nintendo Wii, so it wouldn’t be too far off if PS3 made it into their leaked sales flyer this season.

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The stores to watch for potential Black Friday 2013 PlayStation 4 deals or sales will be Amazon’s online site, Target, Walmart, Toys R Us, Best Buy and GameStop stores. There may be other department stores or smaller retailers, and even eBay where deals can be found, but if this particular video game system is as hot and rare as the PS3 was, expect to see some rather astonishing prices on the auction site!

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