Best Halloween Costumes for Sale

Halloween is a holiday that has been around for many years with its origins in Celtic times. People have been trick or treating since the late 19th century when it was called guising. This former pagan festival has grown and developed every year and is now a huge and popular enterprise, which has spawned a great number of Halloween costumes for sale.  On this page we’ll give you a look at the best online places to buy your costumes in time for the holiday.

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Best Halloween Costume Sites

Commercial Halloween costumes have been for sale since the 1930’s, when they became available for both children and adults. In recent history, there are many Halloween costumes for sale. Below are the four best costume sellers online we could round up, with links to their sites and latest promotions.

Use the websites below to find the most popular Halloween costume choices this year for your entire family.

BuyCostumes Sales & Deals

Under $10, Under $20, Under $30! at BuyCostumes – One of the websites that offers the best Halloween Costumes for sale is This is a website that offers over 15,000 costumes and ranks as our favorite of the bunch due to their variety, convenience, and quick shipping. Some of the costume choices on this website reflect the latest movies and popular culture.  Snow White and the Huntsman is a popular costume choice from the recent movie. This is perhaps one of the newest and coolest costume choices. Costumes featuring both Queen Ravenna and Snow White are on this site as well as the teen Huntsman. These are quality costumes so the average retail price is over $50.00. The good news is that this website offers free shipping on orders over $50.00. Also, from the movies, the Catwoman costume from Dark Knight Rises is also available and should prove to be popular this Halloween, among other entries such as those from the “Avengers” and “Spider-Man.”  Whether you’re looking for a sexy women’s costume, one of the latest morphsuits for men, or anything else you can image, you’re likely to find it here.

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Costume Kingdom Sales & Deals

SEXY Costumes is another website that features a large selection of Halloween costumes. They have several new costumes for 2012. One of their cute costumes for tots includes the Chiquita banana costume. This retails for 24.95. There is also a cute baby owl costume for ages 12-24 months. One of the best costume choices for kids includes the Spiderman outfit for boys that is completely reversible.  This popular outfit can go from red to black in seconds. This makes it unique, and spending a few dollars more for a costume retailing for $40.95 can make it suitable for several Halloween outings.

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Costume Express Sales & Deals

Clearance Costumes – One of the other big selling costume stores online is the Costume Express. CostumeExpress has costumes available for all members of the family. The nice thing about costume express is that it has reviews for all of its costumes on the web. One of the good buys is year is a Harry Potter robe with the Gryffindor stamp on it. The reviews that individuals have given this costume choice are mostly 5 stars, so it is a popular choice for children. Another item that is popular on the costume express website is the teen costume Penguin teen costume it comes with a black and white penguin suit with attached hood and red bow tie. This costume is one that has gotten 5 stars and is elgible for free 2 day shipping. It retails currently for $24.99. Another popular teen costume on this site includes a zombie costume complete with gauze and tattered robe, which currently has a number of 5 star reviews.

View the Clearance Sale on Costume Express Halloween Costume Deals is one of the major retailers on the web, and while they started out selling books, they’ve expanded into multiple arenas since then, including costumes. They also have received some rave reviews for the various costumes offered on their website. One of the costumes that has been well reviewed is the Monster High Laguna costume for girls. This costume has several 5 star reviews and comes complete with leggings for ghoulish fun. The great thing about this costume is that it meets the requirements for free super saver shipping. Naturally Amazon also has costumes for babies and small children as well. They have a good selection of costumes many of which include free shipping options.  Some of the choices from third-party vendors may have extra shipping.

One of the other great costume choices on Amazon is the California Sexy South Seas Siren costume for women. It has a handkerchief skirt and also has a matching kerchief. It is affordably priced at $29.99 and comes with Amazon’s free supersaving shipping. It could be customized with a sword for a perfect look. It is a costume that would be the perfect compliment to men’s cutthroat pirate costume. You and your partner will be shivering your timbers with these deluxe and positively-reviewed costumes. The whole family can get into the pirate theme with pirate costumes in sizes 2T to 4T. They are black-fringed pants with stripe shirts and red ties. These are just some of the great costumes for toddlers that are available from Amazon.  The site offers costume for men, women, girls, boys, babies, and even your dog, if needed.

These websites above feature the best Halloween costumes for sale on the internet.  There are plenty of the most popular Halloween costume choices available at the four sites referenced above, so you should be able to find a great costume in time for all your October celebrations.  Happy Halloween!

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