Angry Birds Halloween Costume for Sale for Kids & Adults

This coming Halloween, you just might see a lot of Angry Birds running around the streets. Its been the most popular game for kids and adults played on phones, tablets and laptop computers everywhere.   There’s several reasons why Angry Birds could also be one of the most popular Halloween Costumes ever!

Rovio Angry Birds - Black Angry Bird Adult Costume

Angry Birds is popular with kids
Kids cant ignore Angry Birds. They love the squawking and squeaking of the birds. Then there’s the fluttering sound. Can you imagine a bird coming up to your door asking for a trick or treat and then fluttering?  It allows kids to have a lot of fun with the costume and theme!

Angry Bird costumes are creative
If they are nothing else, then they are colorful. Their designs include bright yellows, oranges, blues and reds. For a costume at night, they are the best, because they will keep your kids visible. Who’s going to ignore a 4 foot high bird with a big yellow beak asking for tootsie rolls?

Angry Bird costumes are just plain fun!
You cant help but laugh when you see an Angry Bird. Can you keep a straight face as they are bashing into houses from their slingshots? Gee, as a part of your costume, you could carry around an oversized slingshot as part of your props. Or you could have friends carrying around a very large slingshot with an Angry Bird seated in the middle.

Pictured above: Rovio Angry Birds – Black Angry Bird Adult Costume

There are a million ways you can go with an Angry Bird costume theme. Even if you have to make your own Angry Birds costume, break out some designs and start making one. You will have the best time ever this year as you and your kids run around the streets on Halloween sqawking and squeeking for candy.

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