Amazon Black Friday 2013 Video Games Deals

Shoppers looking to buy the top video game gifts during the Black Friday 2013 and Cyber Monday holiday shopping season will want to consider the Amazon Black Friday video games deals and sales.  When you are looking for the best video game gifts to buy, you should always sign up for their daily deals emails to stay on top of the latest updated discount prices.  That will help in finding deals before pretty much everyone else. Below we will discuss some of the games that should be the top Black Friday video game gifts, and provide any of the latest deals updates from Amazon.

Video Games Amazon Deals

See the latest Amazon Black Friday video game deals here!

Below we’ve also highlighted five of the favorites that many holiday shoppers will be scouring up this holiday season, so you can head over and check these out as well!

1. Call of Duty Ghosts

Call of Duty Ghosts

The Xbox 360 title Call of Duty Ghosts is going to be hitting store shelves in November. It is going to be hitting store shelves in November, just in time for a great Black Friday sale. You should be able to find a bunch of retailers offering great Black Friday deals on the new Call of Duty game. However, Amazon should have a great deal on it, as well. Amazon tends to match other retailers offers. This means, you should be able to find it available.  See latest price deal here.

2. Battlefield 4

Battlefield 4

The new game Battlefield 4 is another blockbuster that is going to be coming out a couple weeks before Black Friday hits. It is going to be a huge game seller and even a huge system seller. This means that retailers (including Amazon), will likely use this game as a way to get people to purchase the new generation systems releasing in November, as well. You should look out for Battlefield 4, as a great Black Friday deal.  See latest deals on Battlefield 4 here.

3. The Last of Us

The Last of Us

The Last of Us video game (exclusive to PS3) has been regarded by some as the greatest game in the generation of PlayStation 3 video games. People have given the Last of Us video game such high praise, and it has been out long enough to make it a great game to look for during Black Friday 2013. You should be able to get a great deal on this game as retailers will look to capitalize on Black Friday 2013 Last of Us video game holiday sales since the new PS4 system is going to be out.

See Amazon deals on The Last of Us game here.

4. Sony Playstation 3 console bundles

PlayStation 3 Bundles

Because the next generation PlayStation 4 is coming out weeks prior to Black Friday, you can expect retailers (including Amazon) to offer excellent Black Friday deals on their PlayStation 3 consoles & bundles. A lot of people purchase the last generation console either because it has more of a library of games, or because they want to purchase a cheaper system. For this reason, look for Amazon to capitalize on this portion of the population and release a great deal on Black Friday 2013.  See latest PS3 bundle deals here.

5. Xbox 360 console bundles

Xbox 360 Bundles

Just as you can expect the PlayStation 3 to be offered in a Black Friday deal, you should also expect there to be Xbox 360 console bundles on sale. Because the new generation Xbox One is coming out, retailers will look to capitalize on the release and offer great deals on the previous console, as well. They know that the Xbox One will sell by itself. In order to sell the Xbox 360 as an alternative, they will likely discount it even further and incentivize people to purchase it, along with a bunch of other popular Xbox 360 games.  View latest Xbox bundle deals here.

Other games we expect to be popular this season include Nintendo 3DS XL games and bundles, Grand Theft Auto V (for mature gamers), WWE 14′, FIFA 14′, Madden 25, and Just Dance 2014.  Expect to see those at possible discounts along with some of the newer titles for Sony PS4 and Xbox One, such as WatchDogs, Halo, and other newer games.

Stay posted as we will update any new Amazon game deals here at Holiday Gift Nation!

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