Cyber Monday Electronics Deals

Updated: 11/25/12

If you thought Black Friday was going to be your last opportunity to snatch a big ticket electronics item for a bargain price, there is no need to fear; Amazon Cyber Monday electronic deals are here! Much like black Friday, Cyber Monday only happens once a year. In a day dedicated to slashing prices tremendously on all electronics, you are sure to find some great deals for you and your family. Unlike Black Friday however, you will not have to get up at six, only to show up to your local cluttered mall. Instead on Cyber Monday you may shop conveniently online from the comfort of your house. And to top it all off, Cyber Monday will occur through the whole week at, Walmart and other retailers, everyday offering special discounts on various electronics.

Here’s some of the latest electronics deals you cannot afford to miss!

Kindle Fire tablet for $129 (regularly $159) – 11/26 only

On Monday only, Amazon is offering their original Kindle Fire tablet for just $129, a savings of $30.  Customers need to enter a special code “FIREDEAL” at checkout to get the deal, details below:

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Dell Inspiron i15N-2548BK 15-Inch Laptop
This week for only $394 after rebate, you can have a brand new Dell Inspiron. The Dell Inspiron i15N, usually costing in the 500s range ($549 according to Amazon) will be on discount throughout the week, making cyber Monday the best time of the year to buy that new laptop you wanted. Also, this whole week, if you order a Dell Inspiron, you can qualify for fast electronics shipping.

View Del Inspiron i15N-2548BK 15-inch laptop here

Samsung UN60ES7100 60-Inch TV
Perhaps the best deal for those who enjoy watching Saturday sports, movies, and TV shows is a bigger TV set.  This week the Samsung 60-inch TV will be on a massive discount price of almost 40 percent off from its regular price tag. For only $1,482 after rebate, this powerful 1080p screen will be for sale; and although some enthusiasts who enjoy procrastination hope to buy it on the last day, at the rate this offer is going, is believed to deplete in the next 3 days. If you are looking for other deals, the Samsung UN60ES7100 has the 46 and 55 Inch version also on killer discounts.

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Polk Audio TL1600 Speaker System 
To go with your new TV and Laptop, what better deal than a powerful roaring Audio sound system. During this week only the Polk Audio Tl1600 will have a reduced price tag of $359.99 from its normal $400 price. This sound system delivers 100 watts of chilling power. With 6 speakers, and over 7 different sound blending combinations, it’s the perfect deal for this holiday season.

View Polk Audio TL1600 speaker system here

Kensington Apple iPad 2 KeyFolio Pro Performance Case
For all of us Apple enthusiast who are always looking for that new accessory to enhance our apple devices, you will be pleased to know that this week, the acclaimed Keyfolio Pro by Kensington is at a bargain price. For those that don’t know, the Keyfolio is a double purpose case that both protects your Ipad and has a built in keyboard and support that allows your Ipad to turn into a very light and portable laptop on the go. With this said, the Keyfolio Pro will have a discount price of $41 from its usual $99 price tag. This is perhaps the biggest discount and only chance in the whole year to grab this accessory for such a bargain price.

View Kensington Apple iPad 2 KeyFolio Pro Performance Case here

These deals and more will be available at cyber Monday sale. Although most of these deals will last throughout the whole week, other deals expire in hours. With this said, is best to sign up to the daily deals newsletter by Amazon in order to be informed first of all the upcoming deals throughout the week. Good luck to all of you in this holiday shopping spree.

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