Holiday Gifts & Gift Ideas Guide

Surrounding yourself with friends and loved ones, while enjoying a positive lifestyle, usually results in a bevy of celebrations throughout life that can be appreciated by the masses, no matter what their religious affiliation, age or personality.  Here at Holiday Gift Nation, we strive to bring you holiday gift ideas for each of the major holidays throughout your year.  We’ve provided a helpful holiday gifts and gift ideas guide below with links to appropriate areas on our website to help everyone find the best items to give on those special occasions.

Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day and Halloween are among the major U.S. holidays celebrated annually.  However, the one great celebration we all have in common is birthdays. Depending on your age, birthdays manifest in a number of ways, but no matter the type of celebration, they are almost always accompanied by birthday gifts, which makes the turn of the calendar even sweeter.

Birthday parties provide entertainment and celebratory occasions for all age groups, whether it is their first one, or their 80th. For each of these age groups, parties and gifts differ, thanks to the great joy of age appropriate birthday party ideas. Generally, some ideas are better than others, and depending on the person the party is for, themes can become really specific and sensational. However, not everyone has the time or personalization skills necessary to customize birthday party ideas and birthday gifts for the people they love, which is exactly where certain guidelines come in, to help the planning go a little smoother.


Birthday Party & Gift Ideas for Children
Anyone from ages one to ten will be happy with a character based birthday party, whether it is their favorite lead in a children’s show, or a cute cartoon depiction of their hero. Even if you do not know the kid, party supply stores have a great array of plates, balloons, hats and party provisions for boys and girls in the ten and under age group. Simply consult the appropriate area of the store, and look for gender specific characters they can relate to. If you do not want to be too specific, look for pink or blue decorations, and focus on celebrating their age by purchasing party supplies with that number adorning the outside of each plate, cup, hat and balloon. Birthday gifts are easy for this age group, as toys are stocked in any major retailer by age groups, and no one under the age of ten dislikes a new toy, even if they already have it.

Tweens and teenagers prefer a “cooler” reception than cartoon characters, and can easily be entertained at a bowling alley, skating rink, or pool party. And, you can skip the plates, hats and balloons; they’re not interested. They love electronics, music and gift cards, and there is no need to step outside of those passions.

As kids enter college, birthdays are best served as a way to collect cash, and a party certainly is not necessary, so if you are looking for birthday gifts for your adults who are not paying their own bills yet, cash is the best way to go. And if it is accompanied by a meal that isn’t Taco Bell, they will love you forever. And then will go out and spend your cash on a gift they’d like the most.

Adult birthday gifts can be easily accomplished by examining what the person needs in their life. Do they love books? If so, buy a collector’s version of one of their classical favorites. Do they love music? Gift cards for their music download site of choice or concert tickets provide a personal experience they will never forget.

As people get older, they simply want to enjoy the company of the people they love, and gifts can become less about what they are worth, and more about what you love about the person, and what you know they will use. Think about their lifestyle, and add something fun, exciting or down right utilitarian to it! It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, it simply has to know, “I know who you are as a person, and I love every ounce of you.”

Wedding & Anniversary Gift Ideas
Wedding and anniversary gifts have become easier to purchase with time. Thanks to the technological advances in registries, you no longer have to leave the house to purchase a gift for someone, especially if it is for a wedding. If you are unaware of a registry, a gift card will work beautifully for a major retailer, or as a prepaid Visa or MasterCard they can use as they please.

Anniversary gifts are outlined by tradition, and have been updated to conform to more modern marriages. To follow is a list of the first ten years of celebration, and the appropriate gifts that accompany their celebrations.

Traditional Anniversary Gifts; Modern Anniversary Gifts
First: Paper; Clocks
Second: Cotton; China
Third: Leather; Crystal or Glass
Fourth: Linen or Silk; Appliances
Fifth: Wood; Silverware
Sixth: Iron; Wood
Seventh: Wool or Copper; Desk Sets
Eighth: Bronze; Linens or Lace
Ninth: Pottery; Leather
Tenth: Tin or Aluminum; Diamond Jewelry

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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas
Valentine’s Day gifts are an incredibly personal exchange between two people. Although it is typically the man that takes the lead in this celebration, women are also capable of providing heartfelt gifts to the person they love. Although teenagers and young adults celebrate Valentine’s Day too, they often do it on a smaller scale than adults by purchasing flowers, stuffed animals and creating music mixes for each other to show their tender ability to love at such a young age.

A little more is expected from adults, thanks to the importance society has placed on this holiday, so expensive dinners out on the town and champagne have replaced the Valentine’s Day gifts of your previous young love. Others have taken to the holiday by making gourmet meals for their loved ones, which is a perfect way to avoid the crowds while adding a personal touch to the occasion.

Do not be fooled, however. Sentimentality is easily replaced by jewelry, concert tickets and trips to exotic locations, even if that location is a baseball game (that’s a tip for the ladies…Your man will love you forever if you buy him baseball tickets!).

Halloween Costumes & Ideas
Halloween is always a fun time to take to the city and celebrate being someone else for a day! Great Halloween costumes are always those that are easily recognizable, so shoot for something that people will get right away. Each year there are new popular additions to the costume choices out there from television, movies, and everyday life.  For example, superheros always seem to find their way into the most popular Halloween costumes each year.

If you want to be recognizable, you may decide to stick with pop culture phenomenons like pop singers, artists, and sports stars. If you prefer the classics, always reach for something less obscure than the current Nobel Prize winner, by maybe choosing Alfred Einstein or Sherlock Holmes instead.  Women can opt for many of the all-time classic costumes such as cheerleaders, school girls, french maids, witches, devils and many more.  Kids have a wide selection of costumes based on their favorite movie and TV show characters or favorite professions.  The great thing with Halloween is how much creativity’s involved!

Christmas Gift Ideas
It is certainly a fact that not everyone celebrates Christmas. However, it is hard not to enjoy the festive nature of the holiday, even from the other side of its celebratory meaning. Typically Christians, or those who believe in Jesus, celebrate Christmas, and if they do, they know the holiday is always wrought with anxiety for finding the perfect Christmas gift ideas.

Finding the perfect gift may be tough at first, but never be afraid to lean on the old favorites: jewelry for women, watches or rounds of golf for guys, spa treatments, massages, or even a trip around your closest major city’s raceway in a car they can drive over one hundred miles per hour. Use the resources that are available to you, and never settle for the “What do you buy for someone who has everything?” excuse. If you know and love the person, or raised/grew up with them, all you have to do is think about a few of their favorite things, and a personalized experience will find its way onto your credit card. If all else fails, gifts cards are always a great option as well!